As a first time mom, this is all trial and error. I read my fair share of mommy blogs and listen closely at doctor's appointments, but parenting is really all about on the job training.

On this page, I'll compile my posts that include tips, tricks, opinions, advice, and updates on the little one :)

Watch Paxton Grow!

 photo 656115c3-7c0e-4f65-97eb-5787d080485b_zps94737837.jpg

3-5monthfavorites (2) photo 3-5monthfavorites2_zps946453c9.jpg


must haves 3-5 months photo musthaves3-5months_zpse586b212.jpg

must not haves photo mustnothaves_zpsbb548864.jpg

changes photo changes_zpse9fb1a20.jpg

 photo e391bd61-f772-4334-bbb7-b727bce29be6_zps3ea5c177.jpg

  photo 32c5524d-bd1f-4cc1-a821-1df53122bf6a_zps7036cc75.jpg

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