Bucket List

 Bucket List
Goals are marked in the following manner:
crossed out (date)- completed on that date
italicized (date)- in progress and a start date will be given if possible

Places to Visit:

Events to Attend:
A pro sports game

Set up savings accounts for kids
Create a will

Try Indian food

In the spirit of giving:
Volunteer at a soup kitchen/homeless shelter or animal shelter


Get a mani/pedi
Get a facial
Get a massage
Go to a restaurant only for dessert

Things to Own:
Collect all state quarters
Get a new bedspread

Start on Master's Degree
Attend an education conference
Read 3 books for professional development

Read 12 books

Weigh 140 lbs
Join a book club
Find a church home
Make a birthday calendar and send birthday cards
Send Christmas cards
Get together with friends once a month

For Fun:
Go camping
Go horseback riding
Go bowling

My Creative Side:
Get caught up on scrapbooking
Clean cars inside and out
Assemble an emergency kit for the car
Create a video/photo montage for my parents