Monday, August 5, 2013


Ee-gads! {Name that musical and be my best friend.} I can't believe my little one is a month away from ONE. Less, actually, because I'm late with this update. Life has been cray lately. So much so that I'm using the word cray. It's bad. But that's a sob story for another day.

Paxton is 11 months! This photoshoot didn't go so well. You'd think I'd know by now not to expect him to cooperate after about 2pm, but I tried anyway. He was not having it. On the upside, I didn't have to spend extra time scrolling through to pick the best ones. These are the only ones I took.

Weight and Length: No official measurements this month. See 9 months and stay tuned for his 1 year stats!

Favorite toys: Books, especially touch and feel ones like That's Not My Monster, Little Tikes scooter/walker, Ikea cars, Pound Puppies. Every one of these things is second hand. The book, scooter, and cars were found at garage sales and the Pound Puppies toy was mine when I was little!

Favorite foods: all finger foods (bananas, cheese, mandarin oranges, bread, Puffs, peas, etc)

Likes: stroller rides, being tossed in the air, looking out the window

Dislikes: when meal time is over, being told no

(Last one- he insisted on bouncing on the furniture...which is in our sunroom. We don't have that pattern in our living room!)

Firsts/Milestones: one nap per day, no more white noise, crawls

Yes, if you haven't been keeping up with these, this is the first update that includes crawling. He's on the late end of that gross motor skill timeline. He was on track with rolling from tummy to back and sitting independently, but was also late with rolling from back to tummy. He's been content sitting or laying in one place and didn't even attempt crawling until after turning 10 months. Then the week he turned 11 months he was off! JD and I were concerned (ever since 8 months or so) and it was hard to watch other babies the same age do so much more than him. We're okay with the fact that he won't walk until the late end of that timeline, too (probably 15 months or so) and (to find a positive) I'm thankful I've gotten to have a "baby" longer than most moms :)

Happy 11 months, baby boy. I love you!

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Erin LFF said...

Um, the music man, duh! Only the best musical ever!!! :)

Can't believe he's almost a year old! Still as cute as ever!

Mikelle Jade said...

He is so cute. I love the sofa too. and getting babies to cooperate after 2PM? Impossible. but you did a really good job.

I can't believe you are down to ONE nap a day!

Kenli Peterson said...

music man! that was based on my hometown :) and what a sweet, sweet little guy!

i'm FINALLY going through and getting back to all of the blogs i followed/people who followed me, as i recently decided to get a new blog.

i would love to see you around again!


Ms. Emmy N said...

Paxton is adorable!! Happy 11 months little guy :)