Monday, July 1, 2013

Paxton Henry {10 months}

Weight & Length: No official measurements this month (see 9 months)

Favorite toys: wrapping paper roll, mess kit (tin pot and plates) at Oma and Pawpaw's, purple 1/2 sphere
*I realize none of these will make sense to you. Paxton prefers household items and parts of toys so I do the best I can to document them :)

Favorite food: Bananas, cheese, bread, pancakes, Puffs (finger foods in general) and Mommy's milk

- Kicking his legs
- jabbering ALL the time (including during meal time with food in his mouth). Says Ma Ma, Mo (more), Bah (Bert), and Pah (puppy)
- being outside 
- music

-being tired
-being hungry
-falling over
-not being able to get to something he wants

Sleep: ~9:30pm to 6:30am. Paci and blankie in his crib. Mobile and sometimes white noise for naps, seahorse and white noise for bedtime. 2 naps a day, 45 minutes to 2 hours each.

- no more rocking to sleep for bedtime
- loves standing by furniture, the dog's pen, and his Exersaucer

- first meat: hamburger (not a fan) and baby food spaghetti in meat sauce (fan)
- first time swimming

- Waves. Knows to wave when we say "hi" or "wave" but doesn't quite get "bye" yet. Also doesn't understand that someone has to be looking at him to react to the wave.
- First "allergic" reaction - to eggs. Quotes because he's not been diagnosed with any allergy and he only reacted to scrambled eggs (made with breast milk) and not eggs baked in pancakes. We'll be trying scrambled eggs again soon.
- Started pointing.

Happy 10 months, Paxton :) Mommy and Daddy love you!

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eliz said...

<3 what a stud!!! Gosh I cannot wait until Mya can sleep through the night hahaha