Monday, July 29, 2013

{new 'do}

With all the stress surrounding me at home (holy moving chaos) and at work (creating a curriculum from scratch 3 weeks before school starts? yep.), I had the urge for something fresh and new. Something to make me feel energized and to make my life just a little easier. Behold my decision:

{please excuse my man shoulders}

The color is actually the same. The second photo is an iPhone selfie which makes the lighting wacky. I do this every so often. Chop it all off, that is.


{2011}- shortest I've ever had it

And another time in between there I don't have a picture of. 
I didn't end up donating this time (which is why I have those ponytails in the pictures above) because I had leftover color. Maybe next time. 

"Wait, did you make a resolution to not cut your hair this year?"


Obviously that one failed.

I'm doing pretty well on my other ones, though, so there's still hope for the 2nd half of the year.

--> Lose the baby weight.
Okay, this one isn't going so well either. I've plateaued big time. And this isn't helping.

-->Use all my 1/2 empty toiletries/cosmetics. Moving twice in the past 4 months has helped me declutter! I finally made myself use what I had.

-->Once a month, throw away/give away something I'm not using. See above.

-->Complete as many Day Zero goals as I can. See the full list here. Living rent free for a few months (Thanks, Mom and Dad!) Allowed us to pay more per month on college loans (goal #12). JD has eaten Indian food many times at work related lunches (goal #16). He has also participated in Meals on Wheels with some co-workers (goal #25). We're counting our son for goal #42. (Seriously.) I renewed my CPR certification for coaching (goal #50). I've taken a few online mini-courses for professional development (goal #52). Because our lives have changed SO much since we wrote this list, there are several items that we just don't care about anymore. That being said, there are still plenty I'd like to see crossed off by Christmas (the 1001st day!)

Now I'm off to shower and not take a week and a day to wash/dry/style my hair. Success.

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eliz said...

Looking good! I am like you...I grow my hair really long than chop it far I am not chopping it off this time...but my hair is falling so much (post pregnancy hair falling) is scary.

I totally understand your stress...I am starting work in two common core literacy blah blah blah...then I am actually finishing up my masters and am taking 2 classes in the mommy and wife hunting...ahhhh!!