Tuesday, July 2, 2013

5 Blog Posts I Never Read

While scrolling through my BlogLovin' feed this morning I noticed a trend. I stop to read posts by my Daily Reads (see tab at top of page) and witty titles and pretty pictures catch my eye, but there are five posts I ALWAYS skip. They are as follows:

(Insert Reality Show Name Here) Recap- If I watch these shows I wouldn't need a recap. If I don't, there's a reason and I don't care who was voted off, didn't receive a rose, or won $100,000 dollars.

Subscription Box Share- Just not interesting to me. If I had some extra cash laying around I might subscribe to one, but I wouldn't assume other people would care what I'm getting each month.

Are You a No-Reply Blogger?- This has been done a million times before. If you find that you're encountering this problem a lot with your followers, maybe make a little note at the end of one of your posts...no need to dedicate an entire post to a tutorial. It's not difficult enough to warrant a seven step process. 

Bye-Bye Google Reader/ Import Your Blogs to Bloglovin'- Seriously, just stop. 

(Insert Product Name Here) Review- I know you most likely were required to write a post in exchange for a free product, but I'm just letting you know nobody is reading it. Unless of course there's a Rafflecopter at the end. That's a game changer.

What kinds of posts do you skip? Maybe you hate bumpdates and baby monthly updates. It's all good! We can agree to disagree.

Do you write these types of posts? Don't get all defensive, I'm sure not everyone is like me. And I don't write off every blogger who posts these. I just click "mark as read" and move on.

And because this post is text heavy...

That's how I feel by the end of the week, too, buddy!

Happy Friday!

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eliz said...

I look at every single post because I use feedly app which lets you just glance at posts..then I save the ones I want to go back to really read and comment...hahaha