Tuesday, July 23, 2013

as of late

Just whipping up a quick "life lately" post before I hit the hay. Actually, I've already snuggled in tight and this is coming to you from my trusty iPhone. (Which isn't really trusty at all considering my contacts have disappeared 4 times now. Apple needs to get their shizz together.)

The last week has been all about MOVING! We closed last Monday and got some yard work done afterwards. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday my parents helped me move some stuff and paint Paxton's room and the guest room. 

Daddy-o hard at work. ^

Little man's room ^ It is super green, but I promise it looks better furnished :)

He was such a trooper as his schedule got a little out of whack for a couple days. And he tips that sippy cup like a boss. Too bad he's now into throwing it. I'm not ready for toddler behavior :(

Saturday we brought a load of stuff in and cleaned like crazy. JD's parents brought over the lightly used fridge they were storing for us (scored for $300 at an auction!). Sunday was the BIG DAY- We wanted to officially live here starting that night. Two cars, a minivan, a truck, and a trailer later, we were in. Our families are amazing and helped us get settled before taking off and wishing us a goodnight in our first place.

Found him sitting up and playing quietly after a nap.

Now every day includes cleaning, unpacking, organizing, and daydreaming about decorating. In that order. Over and over again. It's okay, though because this is OUR house and we won't be moving again anytime soon.

Ordered the rug on the bottom right for our living room. I've never been a fan of floral print, but these leaves caught my eye. 

 We are both very excited to be in our own place and JD's commute is now almost an hour shorter- yay! Once the majority of rooms are presentable I'll share a little more about our new pad. Spoiler: It includes a 3-season sunroom, a cat door, and kitchen cupboard space GALORE. *loving sigh*

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