Tuesday, June 25, 2013

WIMB: {wishlist edition}

what's in my bag: wishlist

By sarahchristine on Polyvore

middle: lip balm // pens
bottom: planner // hair ties // wallet

-- Okay, so I don't even have an iPad, but if I did I'd want a sleek, classic case like this one. Nothing too fancy that'd I would be over in a week. And it's waterproof? Perfect for those pool-side days.

-- In Ohio, lotion is a must during all 4 seasons- because of the dry air in the fall and winter and because of the moisure-sucking process called shaving in the spring and summer. Don't worry, I still shave in the off seasons too. Occasionally.

-- I'm a big sunglasses girl. I don't care if they're "so 5 years ago." I need complete, dark coverage. These Chanel shades would work perfectly.

-- Everyone and their brother has an egg lip balm. Okay, maybe not their brothers, that'd be weird. And not me either. I want, I want!

--Colorful, fun pens to spruce up my....

--Erin Condren planner :) These are all over the blog world. You either love 'em or hate 'em and I'm pretty sure I'd love mine. All that space for schedules and lists- heaven!

-- I've also seen this style of hair ties on several websites. I don't know if there is a best brand (or Etsy product) to purchase, but it seems to me these cute F21 ones will do.

-- I used to carry those huge hobo purses, but since I now also have to carry an additional 19 lbs around (The baby, not my extra fat. Though I'm sure that doesn't help the issue.), I'm trying to streamline my baggage. Crossbody purses are the best and I use clutch wallets inside them so all my cards are in one place. And if I have to go out for a quick gas/milk/diaper run, I can just grab the wallet and my keys and be on my way.

What would you like to add to your bag this summer?


Erin LFF said...

I loooove the egg lip balm! A friend gave me one and I'm seriously obsessed- def grab you one of those!

And my EC planner changed my life ;) Hehe- seriously, its huge and some people don't like that but I NEED all that room and paper and cuteness!

Kimberly Cotter said...

The EC Planner is worth every penny. As an organizational freak, it's easily my favorite thing in my bag :)

Brittany F said...

I so behind on the egg lip balm! I want to try it too.

Brittany @ Everyday Thoughts

Miranda said...

with everyone else...love my Erin Condren planner...obsessed actually! :) and that egg lip-balm is pretty great. I have 3 different flavors!

Kristen Alexis said...

I should do a what's in my purse wish list edition too!!! I could only wish... However, I do have the ESO lip balm and I'm in love with it and I'm about to order my EC life planner so I'd say I'm almost satisfied! :)