Monday, June 10, 2013

weekend update: ZIP-a-dee-doo-da!

Excuses: This ol' blog has taken a back seat to life lately. I would apologize if I was sorry, but I'm just not. Our family likes to do things the stressful way so of course starting new jobs (both of us) and house hunting are done all at the same time. It's an exciting time! We are super duper overwhelmed, though, and I can't justify spending precious minutes creating posts. I do appreciate those of you who continue to read and comment. I'm HORRIBLE about checking my blog e-mail and don't usually get around to responding until months afterwards, but I love hearing from you none-the-less :)

Today I did want to get on here and share about my Mother's Day present. In my card that I opened on the actual holiday, JD presented me with 2 tickets to go ziplining at The Wilds. He had scheduled it a month in advance in hopes that we'd have better weather. We went yesterday and it was beautiful!

Looking out over just a smidge of the almost 10,000 acres of land!

If you've never been ziplinging I highly recommend it. JD is not a fan of heights, but he had no problem. The harnesses felt very secure and after the first run we both got the hang of braking.(Except for the next to the last time when I almost took out the guide....)
Thumbs up for ziplining!

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of us in our gear flying over wild animals because I didn't want to risk my phone falling out of JD's pocket. If I would've taken my actual camera I could have rigged the wrist strap up to my harness. Oh well.

That tall hut with long legs is the first stop along the zip course.

We had such a good time and it was great to get away for an afternoon. 
JD's choice of gift was perfect because I got to spend the actual Mother's Day with my son, but we also got a few hours to spend together :)

Something else EXCITING happened this weekend, but you'll have to wait until mid-July to find out :-P
In the mean time, I'll be popping in occasionally to update you on life!


Erin said...

Oh my gosh SO fun!! What a great gift! I've done a very small-scale zipline, at like a youth camp once- but have always wanted to go for real!

Meghan said...

I think I know what's gonna be announced in mid-July, but I could be wrong ;)

& I wanna try ziplining!