Monday, June 17, 2013

celebrating dad! {father's day 2013}

{Banner printable found on Pinterest by searching Father's Day-- sorry I didn't pin it so I don't have a link!}

This weekend was focused on the great dads in my life.

On Saturday, we went to visit JD parents. His sister came in from out of town and we took them out to lunch at the same ah-mazing BBQ place that we went for Mother's Day!

 {instagram throwback}
Remember this?? I got basically the same meal (on the right)-- just with the addition of mac-and-cheese and jalapenos!  

JD mentioned (for maybe the millionth time) that he wanted to see Man of Steel. I wasn't so into going to a movie in the middle of the day and we didn't have enough stuff to leave Paxton during dinnertime. JD's sister offered to watch him and go to the store to get whatever we needed...but what we were lacking was pumped breastmilk and that's sort of hard to come by :-P We decided to go to a late showing instead.

Sidenote: Perks of living with your parents include built-in babysitters.

My parents took bedtime duty and JD and I headed to the drive-in! :)


We both really enjoyed the movie. I was pleasantly surprised with the storyline and even happier than I could enjoy a Steak and Shake mocha milkshake at the same time.

On Sunday I got up with Paxton and made my dad and JD a Father's Day breakfast. Of course I wanted pictures- especially because I went all out with the decorations :-P

My dad received a golf shirt and JD received a decanter and glasses set and whiskey stones! 

Later in the day we went to my aunt and uncle's house for some good eats and to celebrate with my grandpa.

Overall, we had a great time showing how appreciative we are for our wonderful dads!

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