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I don't diet as most people think of the term. I've tried before, but to no avail. Instead, I strive to simply be healthy. Do I make exceptions? Yes. Do I still see/feel results? Yes. Here's how I keep from failing again and again:
{1} Divide and conquer.

--> You can eat pretzels, chips, and cookies if you're smart about it. When you get home from the grocery store, look at the serving sizes and divide up your snacks into little baggies. This way, each time you want a little something sweet or salty, you have the correct amount ready to go.

--> Pre-packaged snacks are expensive. Make your own lunch-box sized 100 calorie bags and save some money.

--> Eliminate the guilt! This trick keeps you from eating half a package of Oreos without realizing it. You'd have to consciously get up and walk to the pantry to get more, during which time you can talk yourself out of the extra grub.

{2} Get fruity.

--> Eat fruit for dessert. I'm not talking strawberry flavored ice cream. Take advantage of the natural sweetness of fresh fruit.

--> I'm a sucker for frozen sweets. I recently tried DOLE dark chocolate frozen banana slices and am in love! Although they break my "make your own pre-packaged snacks" rule, packs of 4 slices (only 130 cal!) is the only way they come. And they're too delicious to pass up.

{3}Be open. Open-faced, that is.

--> Open-faced sandwiches are the easiest way to cut down on carbs. When dining out take the top off your BBQ Pulled Pork (my favorite!) Those huge buns are unnecessary and jack up the calorie count. At home, pile ingredients on one slice of bread and resist the urge to cover it up. It's not the same as only eating half a sandwich- you're still using the same amount of fillers!

{4}Embrace avocado.

--> This super food is so versatile! Make your own guacamole, add to garden salads, and substitute for mayo. Just spread on your (one piece) of bread and nom away. It's creamy texture and fresh taste works just as well to compliment your sandwich. I've also seen some pasta dishes and egg recipes using avocado that I'm dying to try.
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{5} Buy chocolate.

--> You read that right, go ahead and pick up that bag of Dove miniatures! If you're like me and absolutely crave chocolate after every meal occasionally, don't make it taboo. Depriving yourself can lead to binges which you don't want. Satisfy your need for something rich with a single piece (gotta remember those serving sizes!) to keep your spirits up. Keeping chocolate in the house actually decreases my sugar intake because it keeps me from going out for the sole purpose of picking up a milkshake or visiting the grocery's bakery section.

{6} Chug-a-lug.

--> Keep your body feeling full longer by filling your stomach with water. It's a natural way to curb hunger with additional benefits. Your skin will glow and you'll have more energy.

--> The diet rule I break most often is "Don't drink your calories." Starbucks is so tempting! Other than the occasional (let's be honest here-- regular) coffee drink, water is my beverage of choice. Drinking it with and in-between meals keeps me hydrated without the extra sugar that juices and sodas contain.

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Now to implement each of these every day! As Buzz Bee (Honey Nut Cherrios) says, "Bee Happy, Bee Healthy" :) 

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Cassie said...

open-faced meals is a fantastic idea, and so simple too.. how I haven't thought of that earlier is beyond me. I'm definitely going to start doing that!