Friday, April 12, 2013

{fridayyyy favs}


My iPhone has been acting up lately- closing out of apps while I'm using them, taking FOREVER to start the camera, and deleting my contacts twice in 2 months. SO not cool. JD suggested the software update that I've been ignoring. (I married him for his smarts.) Hopefully this solves the problem! However, before I can even try, I need to have enough available storage. I've gotten rid of some apps I don't use but the real problem is my picture hoarding. I take a million pictures of Paxton per day and it pains me to delete even one of them! I decided yesterday to bite the bullet and start hitting that trash can icon more often (after e-mailing them all to myself of course.)

Because it's Friday (Can I get an Amen?!), here are some of my {recent} favorite photos of my little man.

As if I haven't bombarded you with his cuteness enough ;-)

Eating Sucking on mango!

Decided he didn't like holding he tried this method.

Precious smile- just up from a nap :)

Big basketball!

He loved Daddy's cup at Panda Express.

Watching Ellen with Mommy.

"Flying". He loves to fall backwards and look at things upside down.

Meeting the Easter bunny. No tears! Not even a pouty lip.

No-pants play time on an 82 degree day :)

Have a wonderful weekend!


Jessa said...

This sounds silly to say, but why not just upload the photos on your phone directly onto your computer? The cord you use to charge the iPhone is definitely compatible with your computer and will not trigger iTunes. :) I did it when I hit 1000 photos.

SK said...

Thanks for linking up for Friday Favorites! Your little boy is so adorable, I love the pic of him falling backward - looks like he is having a great time :)