Friday, April 26, 2013

{eight months}

The little one is 8 months old as of yesterday. Time sure flies when you're having fun :)

 photo 8months2-001_zps8a898407.jpg

Weight/Length: No official measurements this month.

 photo 8months1-001_zpsb47edbb9.jpg

Favorite toys: 
-steering wheel
-fun drum
-juggle balls
-soft blocks

 photo 8months9-001_zps0f493173.jpg

Favorite foods:  
-Mommy's milk
-green beans

 photo 8months-001_zps580a7dc6.jpg

-watching Chloe {my parents' dog} play ball
-splashing in the bathtub
-grabbing faces
-chewing on fabric
-tipping the toy bucket and pulling all the toys out
-rocking back and forth while sitting

 photo 8months14-001_zps5259112e.jpg

-putting clothes on
-being tired
-when his food is gone

 photo 8months4-001_zps5017abae.jpg

Clothes: mostly 6 months, 6-9 months, 9 months

Diapers: Size 3

 photo 8months15-001_zps51d49c2e.jpg

- first Easter
-said "ma ma" (just babbling, not referring to me...but I love the sound of it!)
- no more swaddle! 
- dropped a nap; down to 2 naps per day
- sits like a big boy in his stroller
- first time on the swings, slide, and teeter-totter (with Mommy and Daddy of course!)
- takes a bottle about once a week with no problems
-first bedtime without Mommy and Daddy
- new foods this month: butternut squash, green beans, carrots, plums, potatoes (mixed with vegetables), pineapple (mixed with pears), bananas, blueberries (mixed with apples), blackberries (mixed with bananas and blueberries), Mum Mums

 photo 8months11-001_zps9a2db091.jpg


The Preppy Student said...

oh my goodness these photos are so cute! hes sitting like a big boy and I cannot believe hes almost saying your name! congrats on such an adorable little guy!

The Preppy Student

eliz said...

hahah laughing at him sticking out his tongue!

wow time goes by so fast..soon it will be time to plan his 1st birthday!