Saturday, March 9, 2013

weekly what?!


Monday: I reviewed my goals from last week and made new goals for this week in the 5 for Five link up.

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Tuesday: My little man is now 6 months old (half a year, what?!). I posted his stats and 6 month pics :)

Wednesday: A life update was needed so I put together a list of current happenings.

I didn't link up with Farley this time, but I need to remember to for April! I absolutely love the cute templates each month!

Thursday: I linked up to spread some blogger love. See a list of {some}of my favorite pages. More daily reads can be found at the link above!


Friday: I recapped my week with some Happies and Crappies, including more snow (crappy) and snow fun (happy).

I'm spending the weekend dumpster diving for boxes and stuffing said boxes with our crap.I can only hope you're having as much fun as me ;-)


Mary said...

Paxton is quite possibly the cutest little guy I've ever seen!!!

Mary said...
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