Tuesday, March 19, 2013

{tuesday topics}

The Austin Family Diary
Today I decided to join the fun with Tiffany and Lauren! I've been wanting to link up with Tuesday Topics for awhile now and this prompt caught my eye.

9 things I won't change my mind on:

1. Cats. I love 'em. I don't understand people who don't. I also like dogs, but I'm most definitely more of a cat person.

 Our furball interrupting a baby photo sesh. Very cat-like behavior.

2. Sushi. Just can't do it.
3. Being cheap. It physically pains me to spend money sometimes. I'm not a big coupon-er, but sales and clearance racks are my best friends. I swear if I won the lottery I would still decorate my house with Target and clothe myself with TJMaxx.

4. Religion. I believe religion is a personal choice and a private subject. I don't try to push my beliefs on anyone, though I do plan to raise my children in my faith. I at least want to present them with Christianity so that they can make their own decision as adults.

5. Beer. Gross. In the past I have wanted to learn to like it because it's cheaper and more convenient than mixed drinks. The taste just won't let me.

A delicious Hawaiian Long Island!

6. Breastfeeding. When I was pregnant I read a couple books and went to a class about breastfeeding. I kept hearing the phrase, "It's so rewarding!", and I didn't get it. Now I find myself saying that to other people, but I still can't explain it. I will be devastated if nursing doesn't work out with my future child(ren?).

*update* (3/19/13) There was some confusion about whether I was saying I find breastfeeding rewarding or not. I DEFINITELY do, I just have a hard time explaining why. I guess it's something that has to be experienced before you understand.

7. Libraries. As awesome as it would be to have the library from the Beast's castle, paying for that many books would go against my "being cheap" philosophy. I've only re-read a few books in my life, so libraries are perfect for me. And they're so relaxing. I love to take my coffee, browse the shelves, and enjoy the quiet.
 {via Google images}

8. South Park. I'll admit I've laughed at some jokes, but overall this show goes too far. It's rarely more funny than insensitive and off-putting.

9. Soccer. BOR-ring. I know it takes a lot of skill. But nothing happens. And a game ending in a tie is the worst.

Do you find yourself connecting with me a little more after reading these? Liking me a little less, maybe? :-P

Either way...this is me. And I'd love to get to know you. Say hello!


Amber Helms said...

I LOVE CATS! Like crazy cat lady love! I'm your newest follower!


Sam said...

I can't drink beer either. It makes me burpy and tastes like sour soda... Nope

April @ 100lb Countdown said...

I could enumerate a long list of why I don't like cats, but I'm sure you still wouldn't agree.

Beer has grown on me over the years, especially getting the thicker darker lagers or going to a brewery rather than the Coors in the case.

Stopping by from Tuesday Topics.

Kimberly Cotter said...

Totally agree on soccer (UGH), but beer?! Oh my. I PUFFY HEART BEER. :)

Amy said...

I love cats too!! It makes me so sad that so many people don't like them, they don't know what they're missing out on!

Tiffany @ Austin Family Diary said...

Oooh that blue Hawaiian long island looks delicious...only a few more weeks until I can enjoy something tasty like that :) the whole BF is rewarding thing....I've heard that from people for years. I'm all for bonding, but I'm really excited because I know it's the healthiest option for my baby.

jen @ grown in southern ground said...

yay for cats and libraries!!! and a big fat NO to sushi too!!


ShaunaQ said...

If you're trying to like beer, try a cider beer - like pear or apple. If you can't get down with that, switch to wine! Still less than a mixed drink and a lot more predictable.

Good for you for breastfeeding!

Visiting from Tuesday Topics!


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Mary said...

haha loving you just as always, lady! I love cats, too, obviously, and couldn't agree more about soccer. My goodness it's dull! I do love beer, though. Have you tried chocolate stout? It's glorious! :)