Monday, March 18, 2013

Since I've been gone.

A long-weekend update of sorts.

[Tuesday: moving day]
I had this grand plan to take pictures as we went and Instagram our trek. I even decided to be all social media savvy and created a hashtag for the occasion: #backtobuckeyenation. (want to follow me? @sdenen)

This idea went downhill almost as soon as it started because after about an hour on the road, I realized my phone battery wasn't going to make it the whole way.

I ended up with 2 pictures...and to be honest, one was from the night before moving day.

Taking down Paxton's adorable wall decal.

 A pit stop to eat some pears.

The rest of the trip and the days that followed went like this...

In order to stop and eat the pears show above, I had to get Paxton and all his gear into the McDonald's. Not an easy task on my own. Carseat with baby, diaper bag, purse, and Bumbo seat. Then I realized I'd have to open some doors. We got in without dropping too many things too many times.

During this food break an older gentleman came up to me and said "I couldn't help but notice your beautiful smile and your little one. Would you like me to take a picture of you two?"

Faith in humanity restored. 

I get really sad when people assume that older men giving compliments are creepers. Maybe I'm naive, but I always give the benefit of the doubt to strangers who have nice things to say. People CAN go out of their way to be kind without expecting anything in return and I love when I see it firsthand.

This man was so sweet! I showed him how to use my phone and then got this:

I chuckled a bit to myself.

After I politely suggested he turn the phone around, we got the picture he was going for.

Sir, you were a high point in my very long and stressful day. Thank you for your kindness!

From then on, I only used up precious battery life to check in with JD and my parents.

[Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday: live out of boxes days]

The UHaul got unloaded and returned, boxes were sorted and ones needed immediately were opened and sorted through. Stuff was placed wherever there was an open spot.

Our cat and my parents' dog got acquainted, which went surprisingly well.

Oh- and an update on traveling with Bert. Thank you all for your advice! Our vet gave us a sedative which gave us a drunk kitty cat. We tested 1/2 a pill earlier in the week and the poor thing was cross-eyed and walking sideways. Since my mother-in-law was actually the one transporting him, we decided to leave it up to her how she wanted to do it. She gave him 1/4 of a pill and let him out of his crate. Apparently things went great. I'll take her word for it, but I'd rather not do this again and find out for myself.

I also got my St. Patty's day spirit on and jazzed up my nails.

Ulta- The Jungle Look
Revlon- Heavenly (glitter on accent nail)

[Saturday: wedding day!]

JD and I headed into town to watch my high school BFF tie the knot. Olivia and I met in 7th grade and became fast friends. I'm so excited to be back in the same state and catch up with her even more soon!

 dress: JCPenney (clearance: $12)
 tights: Target (clearance: $3.60 for 2)
shoes: Shoebilee (clearance: $13) 


[Sunday: lazy day] 

baby cuddles.

  heart = melted.

We went to visit my in-laws and didn't want to lug along a bed so Paxton took a nap in Daddy's arms for the first time in a long time.
In addition to getting you caught up, here's a look at my 5 for Five.

 Last Week:

(1) Get 3 posts up this week. SUCCESS. Even though one of those was the obligatory "Follow me on Bloglovin'" post

(2) Eat healthy on the road. MEH. I only had one full meal which was a McDonald's snack wrap and mocha Frappe. Quantity= good, quality= bad.

(3) Take nighttime baby duties. SUCCESS. I'm counting full morning duty in this too. Paxton has done fairly well at night this week but he does not sleep in. I've taken the first 2-3 hrs in the morning myself while JD stays in bed.

(4) Don't get annoyed with family members. MEH. In my head the snarky comments were going almost nonstop. I know that's just as bad as actually saying them, but I'm going to give myself some credit for keeping quiet.

(5) Take a deep breath and remember to be excited about this move! SUCCESS. When I started to get upset about something I reminded myself that it would be worth it in the end. By the time we arrived at our destination I was a hot mess, but didn't lose my cool.

This Week:

(1) Apply for my Ohio teaching license. The obstacle course between me and this piece of paper is ridiculous. More time and money than necessary will be going in to obtaining this thing. #teacherproblems

(2) Shop for Paxton's Easter outfit and basket goodies :) This is by far the most fun goal of the week.

(3) Organize our crap. My parents' house has been taken over by our little family.

(4) Make dinner 2 times. I want to pitch in and relieve my mom from some of the cooking responsibility now that she has 2 extra mouths to feed.

(5) Pump, pump, pump!
It hurt my soul to throw out some frozen breastmilk before the move. I just knew it would thaw (no room for a cooler in my car) and I wouldn't be able to use it all in the following couple days. I need to build up a stash again, even though Paxton is now absolutely refusing to take a bottle. But that's a story for another day.

Here's to a great start to everyone's week!


Katie said...

What a nice old man! I had one stop and talk to me in Walmart a few weeks back and honestly I didn't mind at all! Your nails looked super festive!

Jenn said...

Girl, I'm SO IMPRESSED with this post for you being in the midst of a move! I feel like I can hardly get my act together & I'm not going/having been anywhere! Loved reading the update of the move- still so excited for you!

Thanks for taking the time to link up with me & Jessica for {5 for Five} too! I think you did so wonderfully last week & I'm excited to hear about how great you do again this upcoming week!

Hannah/ Mommarazzi said...

wow impressive blogging amidst the move. welcome back to buckeye city

Syndal said...

that man taking your pic..priceless! so sweet!

also-I looove that pic of baby and daddy in cute!