Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter goodies.

I love Easter baskets! Stocking-stuffer type gifts are my favorite. Since they're smaller, you get more of them (awesome) and the presentation requires little to no wrapping. (Presents from me look like an elementary school student wrapped them.) Add a little Easter "grass", some plastic eggs, maybe some cute ribbon for a finishing touch and you're good to go!

I've seen some super cute personalized Easter baskets on the mommy-blogs I follow. I wasn't on the ball and don't have one for Paxton (just like I didn't have a stocking for him at Christmas)...mom fail. I'm all about making the holidays special, but let's be honest here, he has no idea what's going on so it's okay if I'm saving money on some stuff right now. I'm also all about coordination and am worried that if I get personalized stuff for Paxton now, the personalized stuff for my future child(ren) won't match. OCD, much?

Anyway, my point here is to share Paxton's first Easter basket and give you some Easter basket inspiration :)

{Links are either shoppable or give instructions!}

+ stuffed animal (Bought at Target in the Valentine's seasonal section)
+ book 
+ socks--in eggs! (Brand is Little Me. Couldn't find link.)
+ blocks

If I didn't think JD would give me the stink eye, I'd cram even more into that basket! The second best thing is thinking up a list of cute Easter gifts for your little bambinos!

+ small pieces of food-- yogurt melts/puffs/animal crackers/Cheerios/etc.
+ pacifier
+ bow tie (boy)

+ headbands/hair clips (girl)
+ pacifier clip
+ toy straps

+ teether-- Paxton loves Sophie!
+ sippy cup
+ burp cloth
+ tag blanket 
+ suction toy-- Looks great for highchairs and restaurants!

+ shoes
+ plastic keys 
+ bib
+ bubbles--Obviously you would have to blow them, but I've heard babies love watching! I need to try this soon!
+ rubber duck
+ wipes case--So what if this is more for you!
+ spoons/bowls
+ magnets--I want to make this in the next few months!
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+ car seat pillow
+ baby tooth brush--I've heard this one is great. Doubles as a teether.
+ snack container 
+ sensory bag--Stay with baby while s/he plays- make sure the bag doesn't get eaten!
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Happy Basket-stuffing!

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