Friday, March 8, 2013

:) & :(


:) Paxton was wonderful at the Child Development class we went to yesterday. A former co-worker asked us to stop in and have an informal Q&A with her students. They doted over him and asked some good questions. Some strange and awkward things were said, too, including:

"I heard that all fetuses are both male and female until 5 months. Is that true?" (This was after me telling them that we were first told Paxton was a girl.)


"Do all kids go crazy around 2 or 3 years old? My little sister hit people with baseball bats. She was vicious."

Days like yesterday make me miss teaching. I love the things students say. The class ended with

"Sometimes I don't want to have kids because I see how crazy I am and it's all because of my mom. She's cray cray."

:) 34 degrees and sunny makes for a great day. The sunshine has lifted my spirits. And it made for a great outdoor photo opp!

:) On Monday I found out I was the winner of LIY's group giveaway. Talk about a wonderful way to start the week! I don't follow blogs just to gain entries, but I almost always visit their pages to see if they are someone I'd like to follow. In addition to getting some awesome prizes (hello, Starbucks!), I've found some great new reads!

:) Cherry Berry froyo. Espresso and Birthday Cake are a party in my mouth.


:) Since my manicure kicked the bucket (see below), I had the chance to try some new polish. This is Revlon's "Stormy Night." I'm not loyal to any particular brand, I just go for what's cheap/on sale. This was Buy 2 Get One Free at Ulta last weekend. It looks slightly purple-y grey in person.
Sorry about my puffy morning fingers.


:( More snow.

:( I peeled my gel manicure off 6 days after getting it. Gel manicures truly do not chip, but my nails are so bendy and thin that one I go to fix it and I'm left with polish hanging over the edge of my now even shorter nail. I carefully try to tear that off, but end up taking off almost all the polish instead. Once one nail is ruined the whole thing is worthless to the manicure was gone in less than 5 minutes. Any nail tech that tells you that stuff needs professionally removed is full of crap.

:( Shoedazzle sent me an e-mail saying they've put $10 in my account to try them out. I signed up a year ago and haven't bought anything yet. Well, that little treat was incentive enough for me to browse the website and find shoes I want NEED for a wedding next weekend. I go to check out and there is no discount to be found.

Happy Friday, everyone!   

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Emily said...

Bummer about your gel mani. :( I've heard of them kind of chipping easily for others.
Aw, Paxton looks super adorable in his outfit!

Katie said...

Paxton looks super squishy! Hehe. Did regular mail polish remover take yours off all the way? When I had my done i really had to work at peeling it off. I like your new color...I'm big on greys! Cherry berry is sooo good!

Aishah said...

I love grays that have a hint of purple/lavender to them! Very pretty!
There is also one by L'Oreal that's called eiffel for you, it's really pretty!
Just stopping by for the link up :)

tara said...

such a pretty mani! thanks so much for linking up!