Wednesday, March 27, 2013

{7 months}

Snuggle Bug turned 7 months on Monday. I cannot believe he's practicing using a sippy cup, taking a bottle each day, and attempting finger foods. He'll be driving before we know it!

This month's photo shoot was held in the evening. A lack of natural light and a baby ready for dinner left me with only a few good shots. He is also constantly moving some part of his body and wants to touch/put in his mouth everything he sees. As frustrating as this can be while trying to capture him on camera, he is such a joy. That contagious smile and heart-warming giggle make every day better than the last.

+ no official measurements this month

favorite toys
+ crinkly book

+ plastic keys

+ toy car

+ fun drum

+ puppy on string leash

+ Sophie the giraffe

+ kicking his legs

+ looking at things upside down
+ Bert

+ shaking his head back and forth

+ being nakey

+ being held while taking a bottle

+ being tired

+ doing the same thing for too long

+ ~9.5 hours a night-- goes down around 9:30 and gets up around 7

+ 3 naps per day-- 45 minutes-2 hours each

+ paci, wrapped in blanket, white noise (on a 15 min. timer), gets rocked until drowsy then placed in crib, seahorse at night

 "Stop this and feed me peas, woman!"

+ eats 5 times a day
     (1) nurses
     (2) solids & nurses
     (3) bottle of breastmilk (just started this)
     (4) solids & nurses
     (5) nurses

+ has a rotation of pureed solids
     - avocado
     - sweet potatoes
     - pears
     - prunes
     - peas
     - apples
     - mango
     - rice/oatmeal cereal occasionally

+ has tried pieces of avocado and mango (not pureed or mashed)-- really enjoyed the mango!

+ first two teeth! found the first one right after he turned 6 months

+ met the Easter bunny

+ moved to Ohio

+ first St. Patrick's Day


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Cassie said...

he's looking super fly in that plaid shirt.. glad he's doing well!