Monday, March 4, 2013

{5 for Five}

This girl is stressin' out about our move in ONE WEEK. My biggest worry is our cat, Bert. He hates the car. Since we used to live right down the road from the Humane Society and his vet, he's only had to ride short distances. The longest was the move to our current apartment, about 20 minutes. Next Monday he'll have a 10 HOUR drive ahead of him. He has a vet appointment on Saturday and we're going to ask if medicating him is an option. Seriously. Poor thing loses fur from being so nervous. Any tips for traveling with a cat??

Now on to my goals....

Last Week:

(1) Schedule a manicure. DONE! 

 2 things:
1. Ignore my short mom nails.
2. Anybody else really bothered by the huge gaps left unpainted after manicures?? Happens to me every time. I realize they want to be all technical and not pain my cuticles, but that chick pushed those things back into last week. That blank space is all nail. Why?

I go into manicure appointments with a vague idea of what I want. Then I end up staring at the options for what seems like an eternity while the tech looms nearby.  Ultimately, I pick something I had no intention of getting. I rationalize these seemingly random decisions by telling myself there's no harm in trying something new. When I buy polish I get a color I'll use over and over and over again. I know I'll love it. I mean, I'm stuck with a bottle full, so I better. 

...Now that I think about it...this doesn't make sense to me. Bottles of nail polish (well, the kind my cheap self is willing to buy) are no more than $6. Manicures are, what?, 4 times that at the cheapest? Whatever. I know I'll continue to do this every time I enter a salon.

ANYWAY- I'm a bad blogger and didn't document the name of the polish :-/  I can tell you it's a gel and magnetic (hence the waves). I came home and JD asked what I got. I showed him and he said "Blue stripes?" I tried to explain the magnet concept to no avail. Men.

Overall, I like it. I was a little thrown off because the sample nail was the color of the waves (the lighter blue) and it actually turned out more royal. I had never done the magnet before so I gave it a whirl. I'm glad it's not too crazy, but I sort of wish I would've limited it to an accent nail.

(2) Take Paxton's 6 month pictures.
DONE! 6 month update post is complete and scheduled for tomorrow :)

(3) Update {ok, start} Paxton's immunizations log.
DONE! We're not looking forward to trying to find a new pediatrician, but having his records should make the process a little less painful. Maybe.

(4) Be active-- at least 3 days.
FAIL. Just didn't happen. No excuse.

(5) Send my sister's birthday package.
DONE! Nothing fancy, just a card, some nail files and a monogrammed notebook. I'm ready to no longer have to send gifts in the mail. Although I'm bad at it, I love wrapping and decorating packages!

This Week: 

(1) Finish reading this book. It needs to go back to our library before the move, so I have no choice.

Chasing Harry Winston 

(2) Watch everything saved in our DVR. Again, needs to be done or we'll lose 'em. We're moving in with my parents which means going back to cable with no DVR, no HD, and no guide button. That's right, people. They use the TV guide that comes in the newspaper. I've only had a guide button for 2.5 years and I'm already judging.

(3) Pack.
I'm giving myself a freebie here and putting something on the list I HAVE to do. I actually don't hate packing. What I do hate is disorganization and living out of boxes. The joys of moving.

(4) Prepare for my guest speaking appearance. The Family and Consumer Sciences teacher at my (now old) school asked Paxton and I to come in to her Child Development class this week. Being a teacher, I think I'm pretty good at public speaking and my classroom experience thus far has taught me how to wing it when necessary. I could go in with an outline...or just start talking and see where it takes me. We'll see :-P

(5) Write and schedule at least 3 blog posts. Post moving week will leave no time for blogging so I need to set up some stuff for you all :) Along with that horrible TV situation, my parents also have slow-ish internet. It's not dial-up (they just got rid of that about 2 years ago) but it's not exactly high speed.



Brook said...

I'm starting to prepare for a move, too. Local and not next week so I'm not quite as frantic about it...yet. ;) No recommendations for the cat. When I moved with my cat, we flew. I think the white noise of the engines calmed him down and he was pretty good. Good luck!!

Amy said...

Do you put your cat in a crate?

I would suggest since it's a long drive to be sure that you have food water and litter in there. I also suggest that you have a favourite blanket or something. I think having them in a crate is your best option when you're traveling with a nervous animal. I didn't let my cat out of hers until I knew she enjoyed being in the car (I used to take her for 4 hour trips 2-4 times a month).

I think you can drug them pretty easily, so I think the vet will certainly give you something (or advice of what to get). He'll be stressed no matter what, but knowing you only have to do it once should manage yours!!

Whitney Tomlin said...

I suggest taking him to your vet and having them prescribe you a sedative. (try it out a few days before the move so you can see how he reacts to it) we had to dope my pups up for our trek to florida!

Emily said...

Good luck. Poor kitty. Hopefully you are able to find a solution.

Kimberly Cotter said...

Hey! Let me know if you need a referral for a pediatrician--we LOVE ours :)

Kimberly Cotter said...
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Kristen Alexis said...

I love your nails!! I rock short nails to and I'm not even a mom :) Did you like that book you got from the library? I'm with you on trying to schedule blog posts!!