Tuesday, February 19, 2013

{trendy tot & first things first}

Today is my first time participating with two fun girls in two fun link-ups :) Since going second just wouldn't make sense for this one, we'll start here, with Halie--

First thing I do at the gym- I just laughed out loud at this question because I haven't been to a gym in over a year. I've done workout videos and routines at home, but nothing serious. Regardless of where I am, before exercising I stretch. Mostly legs, but I get my shoulders warmed up too.

First Date with Current Significant Other- This was discussed in the Valentine's link-up JD and I participated in. I always have 2 answers- the unofficial first date (we were just friends) and the official first date (it was clear to both of us that it was a date). JD always answers with the unofficial one, so I'll go ahead and settle on that one, too. It was June 2008 at Waffle House. I was working a summer job as a lifeguard and didn't get off until 10 pm. JD just happened to text and say he was in town and so we met up. We talked until 2 am over waffles, only interrupted once by a call from my dad wondering where I was!

First email address- My family got a computer when I was in 4th grade and the only thing I ever used it for was a Lion King typing game. When I was in 6th grade we got the internet and AIM became my life. Countrygirl2006 was both my e-mail and my screen name. Nothing too fancy- I love country music and 2006 was my graduation year. I'm glad I never used Z's in place of S's or went crazy with capital and lowercase letter combos!


Now on to some baby fashion! Have a tot that you love to dress? Share some outfits and link up with Megan!

When we was told we were having a girl at our 20-week ultrasound, I immediately pictured her in headbands and leggings! I automatically assumed dressing a girl would be so much more fun than dressing a boy. Fast forward to the ultrasound at 28-weeks. Luckily we hadn't yet invested in too many ruffles and bows because we were told we were having a boy! We were still happy (shocked, but happy!), but I had some research to do. I needed to find some cute baby boy clothes!

All you mamas with boys out there understand this-- clothes for our little men are JUST AS CUTE as clothes for little ladies! Instead of headbands, bows, ruffles, tutus, leggings, and everything pink, we have sweater vests, ties, argyle, plaid, elbow patches, and everything blue, green, orange, and red! AND we still have leggings- well, leg warmers.

Here are a few of my favorite items from Paxton's closet:

(I don't shop high end for his clothes- baby stuff is expensive as it is! Most of what I buy is from Target, Babies R Us, Kohls, Carter's or second hand. Also, I have a cousin who is done having kids, so he wore mainly those hand-me downs for the first two months of his life. That being said, I'll give the store/brand whenever possible.)

Football sweater- Mudpie

Ohio State jersey- ProEdge by Knights Apparel

Tuxedo bib & onesie- Frenchie, onesie found at TJMaxx

Boots with the fur- Carters, I believe. Probably about 4 seasons ago because they're hand-me-downs.
 side note- JD hates me calling them that. So I continue to do it.

Owl onesie (gender neutral)- Babies R Us

Sweater vest with checkered dress shirt- Cherokee and Chaps (found secondhand)

Spongebob t-shirt- Nickelodeon, hand-me-down

Argyle leg warmers- Baby Legs
Side note- The hubby dressed him this day and I made so much fun of him (JD, not Paxton). Seriously- stripes and argyle?? I always pair these leggings with a solid-color onesie.

Plaid fleece-lined jacket- baby route 66

Plaid fleece vest with flannel onesie (came with black fleece pants, not pictured)- Carters

Sailboat ensemble (came with cotton striped pants, not pictured)- little me, found secondhand

And every baby, no matter the gender, looks good in hats!

Monster hat- Jumping Beans

Thanksgiving hat

Next week I'll be linking up with some wishlist items! Even though infant clothes are adorable, I've seen some cute toddler stuff I'm excited to start shopping around for :)


Halie Renee said...

Your first 'unofficial' date sounds like a great one! I mean, that's a lot of talking, so obviously you were both interested! Glad it worked out so well :) And your email address question made me laugh so much! Good times back then, good times...

So glad you joined in and linked up with me!! :)

Shawna said...

Stopping by from the link up! Love his fun hats and the legwarmers especially :-)

Kimberly Cotter said...

OMG. My uterus exploded over the pictures with the OSU jersey. SO CUTE. :)

Sara Pierce said...

your son is adorable and that sweater vest-button up combo kills me. TOO CUTE!

stopping by from the link up, so glad I did!

Ashley Brickner said...

You are totally rocking dressing a boy!!! He is precious! Found your blog from the link-up! New follower!

Megan said...

What a shock!!!! I can't imagine being told I was having a girl and then a boy!!!!!

Your baby is PRECIOUS!!! I LOVE that tuxedo onesie!!That is too cute!!

Thanks for linking up!! :)

Mrs in Training said...

Oh my goodness, he is precious!! Thank you for linking up with us today, can't wait to start following your blog!

Emily said...

Love the outfits...especially the Buckeye gear! :)

Stella Turner Ruth said...

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