Wednesday, February 13, 2013

show some love.

I'm not a huge Valentine's gift giver. It doesn't strike me as a present kind of holiday. I would much rather spend quality time with those I love.

Because we have no babysitter options at our current location, I will be hanging out with both of my boys tomorrow evening :)

I will be showing my love in small ways throughout the day. JD will be getting these cute Valentines:

cute valentines
I am a HUGE fan of puns/plays on words. Just the other day JD said he wish he would have taken a nap while Paxton was napping. My reply was, "Well, you missed your nap-ortunity." I will admit it was bad. But it was so bad that it was good and I had a good laugh. Unfortunately, my hubby doesn't find these types of jokes as amusing as I do. However, I know that because they're from me he'll appreciate finding these scattered throughout the house :)

I'm addition to those, I've created 6 more of my own.

 photo photo25_zps59a9278b.jpg
Ideas here, here, and here.
These will be posted in the following areas:
You turn me on --> light switch
I a-door you --> front door
You're the flip to my flop --> closet, on a pair of sandals
Lookin' good hot stuff --> bathroom mirror
You're the raisin I smile every day --> pantry, on the trail mix
I think you are purr-fect --> hall closet, on the cat food

JD will also be receiving these from me and Paxton...

 photo photo27_zpsf3dbaf2f.jpg

Paxton will be getting a small gift, because he doesn't need anything else at the moment.

 Elephant from Target in the Valentine's seasonal section.

 Not too long ago we got an Exersaucer and Sophie the Giraffe (teether).

And I just picked up these H&M items last week...and he's already worn them. Love the material of the shirt- it's very soft, even after being washed.

I don't have the patience to wait for holidays!

Whatever your plans are for tomorrow (eat too much chocolate, go on a hot date, badmouth the holiday, etc.), have a good one <3

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