Friday, February 22, 2013

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+ This was the last full week of February! January-March is such a rough period of time for me. I'm so glad to see the light at the end of the cold tunnel. However, just because March is almost here does not mean spring is right around the corner (I wish). Living in the Midwest means weather surprises. We'll see if the groundhog was correct!

+ I have 2 episodes each of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami and Snooki and JWoww on DVR. Go ahead and judge me on my TV choices. I get enough amusement out of them not to care.

+ Work-related doors are opening for JD. Let's hope they stay open long enough for him to get his foot in.

+ The librarian who leads story time got caught up in some work at her desk so we started almost 10 minutes late. This meant that my 5 minute late arrival went unnoticed.

+ It's Friday! I have 2 whole days with my boys to look forward to :)


- Paxton and I have been mall walking lately. That's pretty much the extent of my exercising.

- On Wednesday I spilled half of my white chocolate mocha all over our family room carpet (and end table and blinds). I was not a happy camper.

- It's snowing again.

- A student I had last year as a 6th grader lost his father in a car accident. I feel for this student, just as I would for any student, but especially because he was a bit of a ornery one. His dad was super involved and kept him accountable in the classroom as a supportive parent and on the football field as a coach.

- This school has been affected by more car accidents in the past year and a half than I could have imagined. When I was away for my wedding in the fall of 2011one of my students was left paralyzed after her mom's car was pushed into an intersection, hit, and she was thrown from the vehicle....on the way to play practice. During the last week of school in June 2012, a student teacher was hit by a semi and died on she was turning into the school parking lot. Now a 7th grader is left without a dad. Prayers are appreciated.

- JD and I are slowly failing at our diet. We're going pretty good with carbs...we've decreased our bread and pasta intake by like 90%. Unfortunately, sweets are slowly making their way back into our lives. The Oreos in our pantry are calling my name (loudly) as I type this. 

- Crappies are easier to come up with than Happies. This fact is obviously a Crappy in itself.

I need to keep this in mind...

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