Monday, February 18, 2013

decisions + 5 for Five

I knew becoming a mom would mean a lot of changes, but one thing I did not count on was never having painted nails. (Think Taylor Swift here...never ever...ever). Other than overnight, I don't go longer than 2.5 hours without having to pick up Paxton. And during those 2.5 hour stretches, there are more important things than primping that need to get done. Smudges, chips, and dents occur within 24 hours. Guaranteed. Manicures are generally not an option because I just don't have the extra cash. But...

Groupon saves the day! 

This morning I purchased this-

JD's Valentine's gift to me was a salon/spa treatment. He told me to book whatever I wanted rather than him getting a gift certificate to somewhere, which was perfect because I could shop around for the best deal. I ended up getting 3 OPI gel manicures for $55 (a $120 value at this salon). I don't know about nail salons in your area, but these usually run anywhere from $35-65 a piece at the places I looked!

Now that I have my voucher, I need to make a decision. 3 decisions actually. Here are a few that I like...

Have you used OPI GelColor? What shade do you love?
Play around with their "Try It On" tool :)

Last Week:
(1) Walk with Paxton 3 days. SUCCESS. We even got outside one day! And I don't mind mall walking. The stroller keeps me from feeling elderly.

(2) Plan healthy dinners. MEH. I'll give myself a 50% on this one. We tried 2 new Pinterest recipes- Crock Pot Hawaiian BBQ Chicken and Bacon Wrapped Chicken. Both were GREAT and super easy :) Highly recommended. We did end up getting pizza one night (fail), but we went with thin crust...small victories, right? No? Okay.

(3) Finish our January expense sheet. MEH. Another 50%. We've figured out about how much we're putting into checking each month, but we need to decided on a set number to put in savings. 

(4) Drink more water! SUCCESS. I did get Starbucks more times than necessary, but other than that I only had water.

(5) Communicate with my parents more. FAIL. More texts, more e-mails, and more phone calls. This is going on the list again.

This Week:

(1) Work on some sort of baby project-- scrapbook, baby book, or journal.

(2) Revamp my resume. I want to keep all my stuff up to date so if/when I need it all again, I won't have to do too much work.

(3) Schedule a manicure.

(4) Make {good} use of my Twitter account. If you follow me (@sarah_christine), I apologize for all the spam-esque tweets last night (and in general). I'm a sucker for giveaways.

(5)  Communicate with family more. I'm changing this from "parents" to "family" because I need to keep in better touch with my sister and grandparents, too.

Have a great Monday, friends! 


Jenn said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE OPI gel manicures! I never get regular manicures anymore because I love how long the gel manicures last AND how quickly they dry/don't chip/etc. ENJOY your pampering- I can't wait to see how awesome they look!

Good job last week! You got a lot accomplished! I like your goals for the week ahead too, especially #3!

Thanks again for linking up with us!

Katie said...

Mani's are the best! Especially if you can get a good deal on them! I have gotten a gel mani before, it last FOREVER! Enjoy it!

Miranda said...

i would love to get a gel mani! i always feel bad tweeting a lot about giveaways but i want to win that stuff darn it! lol