Thursday, February 21, 2013

{my past via Facebook} #throwback

I was inspired by Michelle and #throwbackthursday to take a looksie at my old Facebook photos. What I found had me laughing out loud, occasionally cringing, and remembering such good times! Here are few gems (sarcasm, I actually mean the worst of the worst) from my walk down Facebook lane...

(I should note that I went through these after graduating college in order to look more like a responsible adult to employers. Some of the more trashy (Playboy bunny Halloween costume, blatant drunkenness, etc.) have been removed, but there is plenty of silly and "what was I doing?!" still left.)

Let's start with the oldest first, shall we? As life progresses, I become more picky about what gets photographed.

Senior Prom. I'm in the middle in the gold dress. LOVED that dress, btw. HATED the fact that my hair-do make me look like I had a mullet.

Fall 2006. I'm not sure why any of us allowed this to be posted. Nor am I sure why I'm sharing it with you now.

Winter 2007. Our first picture together. We were just friends at this point. And I apparently didn't understand the zoom on my camera.

(Side note: I still refer to periods of time based on what quarter of college it was. Hence, the seasonal references.)

Winter 2007. After sampling makeup in Sephora. Look closely to see some lime green eye shadow.

Same day. So many things wrong with this including the fact that it's an up-the-nose selfie and has no purpose.

Winter 2007. Why, yes we are wearing 80's dresses from Goodwill for a $5 Formal themed Greek party.

Winter 2007. Thought I was being funny...along with the hundreds of other people who also pretended they were being eaten by the Christmas-light alligator.

Spring 2007. Not sure what we were going for here.

Nice arm, Sarah.

Spring 2007. Another up-the-nose selfie and that scared/shocked look. In addition, my sister is rockin' the fish lips.

Fall 2007. No idea why I made this crazy smile all the time.

Fall 2007. Here it is again.

Fall 2007. I remember this. It was as amusing as it looks.

Winter 2008. Annnd the crazy smile.

Winter 2008. Again with the hood. Yes, I was wearing my sunglasses at night. #coolstatus

Winter 2008. Dance party. And the poster in the background IS about the different ways to use the word "shit". Classy.

Spring 2008. This was another dance party. And why I don't dance.

Spring 2008. Playing in the park. Lesson Learned- 3 college kids taking over the playground with silliness and a camera gets mean looks from parents.

Spring 2008. Sorority camping trip. AKA drinking in cabins. Also note super hot hip bruises from volleyball.

Winter 2009. 21st birthday. I wanted this plastic lizard in every picture. ...I don't know either. 

Fall 2011. Only unflattering picture (that I've seen) from our wedding day. At least it's a super happy face.

And starting on the day of Paxton's birth, 99.9% of my Facebook pictures are of my son.

Well, that was fun. About halfway through I reconsidered posting this, but I had already put so much work in and I didn't want it to go to waste. And I wanted to share my awkwardness with you all. You're welcome.

Ok, one more.

 Don't we love the people who post old class pictures? Can you find me??
Jeans (up to my belly button, I might add) and black shirt.

I sure hope this brightened your Thursday a bit :)



Cassie said...

hahahah those pictures are great! I'm not sure if I want to look at my old photos...

Emily said...

Haha thanks for sharing! Gotta love old photos.
What sorority? :) I'm a DZ alumna.

Megan O. said...

Lol I love this! I refer to my pictures in quarters too or sorority/frat events - formal 2008, greek week 2009, etc and I am recognizing some of that places and activities you are in. Very fun and I maaaayyyy have to swipe this :)

Michelle said...

Ahahaha!!!! HIlarious!! I have so many similar pictures. I don't know what we were thinking!

Your comment about your prom hair looking like a mullet killed me!

Ady @When In Doubt Just Add Glitter said...

haha these are great! can't wait for next week! new follower! so glad you joined the link up!

Megan said...

Thanks for linking up! I think everyone takes crazy, what was I thinking??? pictures in college. :)

Mary said...

haha fantastic pictures!!! Love the photo from formal! So cute!