Monday, February 25, 2013

{a good deal, cake for breakfast, & 5 for Five}

I totally slacked on my 5 for Five last week, friends. 

I did get other things accomplished. Such as visiting DEB and picking up more of their awesome tank tops. 

I get such a blast from the past walking into that store. I start feeling 15 again. Except that I'm now pushing a stroller. Thankfully I wasn't doing that at 15. Anyway, back to these tanks. They're LONG, which means I don't have to deal with the tall girl problem of baring my post-baby muffin top to the world. I also wore these suckers throughout my pregnancy, so mommas to be-- go check them out. In addition to fitting well, they're CHEAP. 4 for $20 sale going on now. And you'll wear one every day.

Those of you with a great "never grew a human inside of me" tummy, you can get a few, too ;-)

Ok, on to the point of this post.

Last Week:

(1) Work on some sort of baby project- FAIL. Just didn't happen.

(2) Revamp my resume- FAIL. Started and then realized how different a "just graduated" resume and a "one-year full time teacher" resume look. Re-doing it is going to be a big job so I quit. 

(3) Schedule a manicure- FAIL. Chalk this up to a math mistake. I want to get a mani for a wedding in mid-March so I thought "Oh, if I get one now I won't get full use of it {I'm getting Shellac and they last for about 2 weeks}" I want to get my money's worth so I figured I would wait til the wedding was closer. WELL. I could get one now because the wedding is THREE weeks away. The timing actually works out perfectly.

(4) Make {good} use of my Twitter account- FAIL. I tweeted maybe four times. And 3 of those were about giveaways.

(5)  Communicate with family more- SUCCESS. I did this! I've been texting with my parents as they enjoy their vacation in Hawaii. They've sent me a few pictures, which is so nice of them :-P Totes jealous. {Disgusted at my use of "totes"? Just be glad I didn't say "Totes jelly." JD would have died of embarrassment.} I've also been Facebook messaging with my sister telling her to take down drunk pictures. So far she's resisting my advice. Live and learn.
This Week:

(1) Schedule a manicure.

(2) Take Paxton's 6 month pictures.

(3) Update {ok, start} Paxton's immunizations log.

(4) Be active-- at least 3 days.

(5) Send my sister's birthday package.

If I don't do too well this week either, that's okay, because my apartment is currently filled with the glorious smell of cinnamon rolls. In cake form. That's right. I whipped up this pin this morning-

Cinnamon Roll Cake

The only downside I can find to this pan of heaven is that the oven timer woke up the baby.

I'm actually thinking about not making the topping at all {Shocker coming from this sugar addict!} and I cut out a 1/2 cup of butter from the recipe. Still delicious!! Highly recommended.

Have a great week, loves!

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Amanda @ everyday b and b said...

I love the gel manicures! It's nice to finally pay for something that lasts longer than a couple of days! :)