Friday, February 1, 2013

1 month down.

 Happy February, everyone! I hope your last week of January was filled with more happies than crappies :)

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up


:)  My Buckeye basketball team beat the Badgers! O-H!

:) Paxton decided he now likes his baby cereal. On Tuesday I thought I'd try and give him a few spoonfuls of just breast milk first and then switch to the oatmeal...hoping to trick him. Bad mom, bad! BUT IT WORKED! He was opening his mouth for the spoon and everything. Wednesday and Thursday were successful, too. Now, most of it still gets spit out because he doesn't yet have the swallowing tongue motion mastered, but we can tell he's getting a little bit down. Who knows if my switcheroo was what did it. Maybe it was just the right time. Either way, JD and are very excited and we hope this continues! I'm already meal planning for him....sweet potatoes, avocado, pears...

:) Besides the piece of toast with peanut butter I had this morning, JD and I have followed our diet very well! We've only had minimal amounts of cheese and milk as we finish up what's left so nothing goes to waste.

:) An unspoken happy goes here. I don't want to jinx anything. If and when the good news is received, I'll be sure to share!


:( More snow.

:( I attempted Lemon Garlic Chicken. The chicken was okay but the potatoes soaked up so much of the lemon that they were sour. Wife fail.

:( Not wanting to dig my car out, we didn't go to story time at the library yesterday.

Short and sweet post today, loves. Enjoy your weekend!


Halie Renee said...

Don't feel too bad about that recipe... I made that exact same thing a couple of months ago, and it was kind of a fail for me too. The green beans soaked up sooo much lemon, they ended up mushy and so yuck tasting. Like you said, the chicken was okay, but ours was kinda dry. Definitely not the best recipe I've ever found!

Kay said...

Visiting from the link up! I had plans for an afternoon activity with my little guy today... but the snow outside has me changing my mind!!