Monday, January 21, 2013

weekend update & 5 for Five :)

+ finished painting my nails. Now both hands have polish and I don't look like a total nut job.

+ Finally got a new mattress pad for our bed. The one we're currently using has holes in every corner and comes off all the time. The result is waking up in a very strange, tangled position.

+ Tried to explain to JD what the purpose of a mattress pad was and then realized I had no idea.

+ Took Paxton to his first basketball game. One of JD's former co-workers coaches at a UW branch and their team was playing nearby. We headed on over to watch. Unfortunately, they lost, but Paxton loved all the action (and making friends with the crowd).

+ Had a delicious BWW's Honey Barbeque Chicken Salad. After the game we met up with more co-workers for dinner. Yum :)

+ Caught the end of the Buckeye basketball game and was disappointed with Scott's final shot. What was that?

+ Did 2 loads of laundry. Folding is THE WORST, but now it's done and I won't have to do laundry again until....tomorrow. The joys of motherhood.

+ Had a relaxing grocery shopping experience. I will be going on Sunday mornings from now on. That is, until we get ourselves together and start going to church regularly. For now, I'll praise the Lord in the dairy section :)

+ Recorded this gem:

Last week-

(1) Go to the bank- DONE. Money, money, money. And most of the deposits were put safely in savings so we can't spend them away.

(2) Buy baby hangers and organize Paxton's new clothes- DONE. After many unsuccessful searches, I really only thought baby-size hangers could be found at Babies R Us. For once, my random Target wandering was put to good use and I found some there! Same isle as the swaddle blankets. Because that makes sense. Much more sense than with the other, regular-sized hangers or in the baby clothes department. Either way, his closet is now nice and neat.

(3) Work on Paxton's baby book- FAIL

(4) Print pictures- DONE. One plus to printing a ton at one time is a discount. Check out Walgreens' weekly ad for a promo code!

(5) Get the baby shadow box made- FAIL

This week-

(1) Make the baby shadow box already! Seriously. I'm planning on linking up with Saw it, Pinned it, Did it on Thursday so hopefully I have something to share.

(2) Exercise 3 times.
I don't care what form this comes in. 6 Week Six Pack DVD, treadmill, bike, ab workouts on YouTube....just SOMETHING.

(3) Weigh in one morning before eating. I can never remember to do this. I'm a big breakfast person so I'm hungry as soon as I open my eyes. I'd like to start weighing myself once a week and doing it in the morning before consuming any food or drink gives some sort of consistency.

(4) Make a decision on who to sponsor. As I told you about here, I want to start investing more into this ole blog this year. I'm going to go through my Reading List and pick a few of my absolute favorites (who offer sponsorship). Then I'll share these beauties with you all :)

(5) Complete my blog survey. I've seen a couple of bloggers get info from their followers via survey and I really liked the concept. I thought I'd put together a little questionnaire to get to know my readers better!

Honorable mention. Try not to freeze to death.

Have a great week, everyone! <3


Nicole Depies said...
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Nicole Depies said...

Just stumbled across your blog via jessica at Fantastically Average via Erica at Looking to the Stars. I'm a fellow Wisconsinite myself :) What a small world!

Melissa said...

good luck on the not freezing thing! im about to leave for the gym and am already dreading the walk from the parking lot to the door! ha!

Sar said...

Holy coldness, Batman! It was mid-60s yesterday in Waco so I cannot imagine what 1 degree feels like. Ah!

Hope you're staying warm! Thanks for linking up, Sarah!

Sarah said...

It is frigid in New England, too. I get motivated to run errands then think "oooh, is it worth braving these temps...". As far as laundry goes, I wish I could say it gets better. We are a family of three, yet it never seems like I get to the bottom of the pile. For once, just once, I should make everyone wear a robe for a day and clean every single piece of clothing. Just to say that I did it. Found you through the link-up!

Katie said...

I'm debating to do sponsors or not but I only have 84 followers lol. The temps are so cold here, I hate taking my dogs out! Heading down to madtown the first weekend in march for a badger game!!

Laura Darling said...

I am doing laundry right now -- I hate the folding part! Looks like a great weekend - stay warm!

Mary said...

What a cute video! There is nothing sweeter than a baby's laugh!

Kimberly Cotter said...

I have no idea what happened on Scott's last shot, either. Theme for this season seems to be "Can't win 'em all." Oh well.

Stay warm!

Sara said...

Productive weekend! We didn't do much other than battle snot and try to prevent the little one from coughing his guts out. Sick babies are the worst. I'd much rather do laundry! Can't wait to see your shadow box!