Thursday, January 24, 2013

SPD: shadowbox

I finally completed this baby shadow box I've been talking about! I love scrapbooking, but certain items just don't fit very well in page protectors (i.e. anything 3D), so I end up with boxes of mementos (not to be confused with the breath mints with cheesy commercials). When I saw this pin, I knew I wanted to create one to display some of Paxton's birth keepsakes.

{original pin}
Pinned Image

What you'll need:

-shadow box, any size you please (I purchased mine from Jo Anns.)
-photo squares (or your preferred adhesive. Make sure it's photo safe!)
-ribbon, stickers, markers, bling (if you like the bejeweled look.)

What to do:
The steps are pretty self-explanatory, here...

1. Arrange the keepsakes on top of the cardstock to see how they all fit and which is most aesthetically pleasing.

2. Glue/tape items to the cardstock.

3. Add decorations.

4. Place in shadow box and admire your handiwork!

{my version}

I love how it turned out! Besides the banner, the decorations are from baby shower cards :)

A shadow box can be made with almost anything:

- Beach vaca picture and shells
- Sporting event picture and the ticket stubs
- Diploma, tassle, and graduation picture
- Cake topper, garter, and wedding picture
 - ETC!

Happy Crafting!     


Amanda @ everyday b and b said...

I have this same thing pinned that I need to do for Adalyn! I love the banner too :) so cute!

Mary said...

So cute!!

Erin said...

I LOVE this... shadow boxes are SO SO CUTE, especially baby ones! :)

Jill Flinton said...

I love this idea and don't have a Pinterest account, so thanks for posting this!

Kristen Alexis said...

LOVE the shadow box idea!! Where are you going to hang it? When I saw that pin on interest I thought it might be hard to make, but you make it sound so easy! Now I just need to be married and have a baby next. lol! (I still have a few years!!)

Miranda said...

i think yours looks so much better than the original pin! so cute!

eliz said...

Love the picture of you guys! I am definitely doing this!