Wednesday, January 16, 2013

recent awesomes.

I'm linking up with Jamie and her adorable new addition, James, for today's What I'm Loving Wednesday!

+ Community

I'm not quite sure how I overlooked this show. Oh yeah, I remember. It stars Joel McHale so I figured it would be dumb. I'm a fan of The Soup, but I wasn't sure how his type of humor would translate to a sitcom. BUT I kept hearing more and more about it so JD and I decided to try out Season 1. I'm so glad we did. It's hilarious and I highly recommend it to anyone on the fence like I was.

+ The night of relaxation I have planned.

 Relax and have swing

No, I won't be there. But I will have homemade chili, a bubble bath, an at-home mani/pedi, and a good book. Perfection. JD plays in a basketball league one night a week so I requested one evening a week for myself, too. I realize I'm not actually going anywhere, but simply handing off our child (whom I LOVE, don't get me wrong) and taking a break will be great.

+ Planning little Valentine's Day surprises. Pinterest really does make me a better wife and mom.

+ 20% off coupons from Babies R Us.


Just in time for us to purchase a jumper. We're looking for some sort of activity center such as EvenFlo's ExerSaucer or Fisher-Price's Jumperoo. Any recommendations??

+ My snuggle muffin. 


I always made fun people whose Facebook status were asking for people to vote for their child in a Cute Contest. I'm now one of those people. I caved. I had to. I'm blinded by love...and there's an American Express gift card prize. Want to fuel my obsession with my child? Vote here!

What are you loving on this Hump Day? 


Katie said...

They play community in my breakroom at work but I never see enough of an episode to decide how I feel about it. Maybe I'll give it a shot. And how could your baby not win the cute contest?! So adorable!

Heidi {Tales From a Suburban Housewife} said...

Saying hi from WILW! Taking a break even if you don't leave the house is still a must for me:) Your little guy is adorable!

Erin said...

That break sounds perfect! We're having homemade chili tonight too ;) Enjoy your night and your book! What are you reading currently? :)

Tasia said...

I think I need to start watching Community...I've only heard good things about it!!

And your little man is the cutest!!

Cassie said...

I love Community.. it's hilarious!

Jessi Francis said...

Once again, he is too cute!!