Thursday, January 3, 2013

holiday picture overload

It's back to the normal routine for our family today. We were very blessed to be able to spend almost two weeks in Ohio with family and friends. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here are a few several ton (courtesy of my phone) to show how we spent the holidays.

Some of our Christmas cards. No fancy, Pinterest worthy display-- just some ribbon thumb-tacked to the wall :-P

 My parents opening their presents from us. We did our family gift-opening on Christmas Eve morning.

 My parents' dog, Chloe, gets new pink tennis balls every Christmas :)

 Christmas Eve was spent with my mom's side of the family. These are my maternal grandparents with their 5 great-grandkids. Oldest is 4 1/2 and youngest is 2 weeks.

 Christmas morning and day were spent with JD's family. Paxton absolutely loves his new play mat! He was wearing a "My First Christmas" onesie, but pooped all over it before anyone saw him. Typical.

Back to my family (dad's side this time) on the day after Christmas. A beer in one hand and a baby in the other. He was a pretty happy guy!

Oh, just eating some ribbon.

My cousin makes the cutest Christmas cookies!

I may or may not be addicted to Picstich. Photo collages of this boy are the best.

 The next few days were spent relaxing and watching the whole first season of Homeland.

  My two best friends from college came for a visit!
 Busting out of his swaddle.

 Hanging out in his train jammies.

 We spent New Years Eve with my relatives. It's a tradition to take family pictures each year. This is our first!

 Cousins, second-cousin, and sister :)

 My adorable parents.

 With my man.

 My dad dropping the ball. This started over 10 years ago as a joke and now happens every NYE.

 The sister and pink champagne.

 Big smile on the drive back home.

 I looked over to see him totally chillaxin' in his seat.

Over all, we had SIX gift-openings with different people! Craziness, I tell you. It was tough (I'm assuming...I didn't really help :-P) to pack our little car with all the great gifts we received. The best gift, though, was being able to spend quality time with loved ones.

I hope everyone had a just as amazing holiday!   

P.S. Paxton turned 4 months on Christmas. Pictures and an update tomorrow! 


Megan said...

Oh my goodness Paxton is getting SO big!!! He is adorable!!! Looks like you had a great holiday season. I love your dad dropping the ball haha, kind of a fun idea!

Mary said...

haha I forgot you and Elise are related!! (Elise and I went to high school and played volleyball together). Small world! Looks like you had a fun break! :)

Mateya said...

That ball drop thing is to funny! Paxton is absolutely adorable!

Jessi Francis said...

Paxton is adorable!