Monday, January 28, 2013

healthy start {our weekend}

This weekend....

+ I finished this book. Great mystery with a little love story thrown in.

Low Pressure
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+ Paxton's Exersaucer came in the mail :) JD and I spent a good chunk of Friday evening putting it together...and the little man wasn't really a fan of it at first. He's still not sure what to think, but he does enjoy getting a better view of the cat while sitting in it!

photo6_zps0e09d2b9 photo photo6_zps0e09d2b9-1_zpsbc78adb5.jpg
We got the Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun Jungle. This picture was taken before the 2 battery-powered toys (that light up and play music) were put on
+ We purchased the oatmeal variety of Gerber's baby cereal in hopes that our attempts with solids would get better. Paxton hates it every bit as much as he hates the rice kind. He refuses to open his mouth, leans away from the spoon and, when I do manage to get some in, spits every last bit out. Tips?? I keep reading about other babies starting solids right at 4 months and by 5 months they're on to fruits and veggies. I do realize, though, that other babies take longer and that breastmilk is still the best thing for him.

GERBER® Single Grain Cereal – Oatmeal
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+ The main thing that happened this weekend was the creation of our diet plan. I was really inspired by Kelly's Paleo venture and frustrated with myself for shoving whatever I darn well pleased into my body. Many times in the past I have told JD that we need to eat better, but never specified exactly what that meant. This time, we figured it out.

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We looked at the Paleo guidelines and realized it's not exactly for us, but it's what we based our plan off of. Since I'm still breastfeeding, I didn't want to cut anything completely out of my diet. (However, I was interested to learn that a breastfeeding woman's body gives an adequate amount of nourishment to her baby even if she is not eating well. The baby gets a good balance of vitamins and minerals, but a good diet is important for the mother to keep her strength up and health in order.) Here's what we came up with:

Grains- Brown rice is allowed. Limited quantities of oats allowed in the following forms: oatmeal (not the prepackaged flavored kind, though. Boo.) and homemade granola bars and muffins (maybe a version of these? or these?) JD wants to allow corn, but we'll see.

Legumes-We are not adhering to this rule at all. We're keeping black beans, green beans, peas, kidney beans, and peanuts.

Dairy- Milk, butter, and yogurt allowed (in small amounts) in recipes.

Processed Food/Sugar- We will not be making our own condiments or dressings, but limiting our usage of the ones we eat not (mayonnaise, ketchup, BBQ sauce, Ranch). I glass of OJ in the mornings. I cup hot chocolate per first. I'll gradually cut this down.

Alcohol- Since we don't drink on a regular basis anyway, we're keeping this rule. But it WILL be broken for weddings and other celebratory events.

Starches- We're keeping red-skinned potatoes and sweet potatoes.

I will be making a few gluten-free alternatives to some favorite foods such as pizza crust (recipe coming on Thursday!), a variety of cookies, pancakes, and a few other things I've found on Pinterest. As with many diets, there are levels of intensity and I realize we're taking what some may call the easy way out. But, trust me, nothing about this is going to be easy. We're making the switch gradually in order to not waste food we already have in our fridge and pantry. (For example, the shredded cheese used on our pizza tonight.) Even though we're not fully submerged yet, we're already longing for the following things...

Pancetta Mac and Cheese Panini  
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This covers two: bread and mac 'n cheese.

ice cream
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Ahhh, frozen joy.

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JD is addicted to these.

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Side note: I was always a Jif girl until one day our grocery story was out (unless I wanted the super huge jar...I'm not sure why I didn't) and I realized Planters was cheaper anyway. Just as magically delicious. Eat a spoonful for me.

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To wash down that peanut butter.

Talk of this diet leads right into 5 for Five!


Last week:
(1) Make the baby shadow box already! SUCCESS! And I linked it up for Saw it, Pinned it, Did it last Thursday :)

(2) Exercise 3 times.

(3) Weigh in one morning before eating. FAIL.

(4) Make a decision on who to sponsor. SUCCESS! I haven't actually bought the spaces yet, though.

(5) Complete my blog survey. FAIL.

Honorable mention. Well, I'm alive and well today so I guess this was a SUCCESS.

This week:

(1) Weigh myself.
(2) Put together and mail the package for the Spread the Love Vday Swap!
(3) Follow the diet!
(4) Follow the diet!
(5) Follow the diet!

Happy last week of January! 
(Wow...2013 is already going too fast!)


Halie Renee said...

Hey girl! One, I've been kind of thinking about the whole Paleo thing lately, and I think I need to do some more research on it before I make any decisions. It's good to read about it from someone's actual perspective though! And two - I got you for the Valentine's swap! So I need you to send me your address, so I can send you a fun gift!! :)

Halie Renee said...
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