Tuesday, January 22, 2013

allow me to share

Oh, you know, just your typical picture with a giant stuffed giraffe. Named Molly.

Random facts posts are my fav. To write and to read. You, too? Well keep scrolling!

FACT :: I grew up in the 90's. And loved every minute of it.

weddingDVD033_zps1d637e42 photo weddingDVD033_zps1d637e42-1_zpsbc64c6de.jpg
 Holy floral explosion.

FACT :: I'm a total b* when I'm tired. I actually did not realize this until I became a mom. Last night JD joked stated, "Paxton, Mommy loves you a little less every time you wake up in the middle of the night." I corrected him and said, "Paxton, Mommy loves Daddy a little less every time you wake up in the middle of the night."

FACT :: Neither of those statements are true. I love my boys more today than I did yesterday. Thank goodness, they're cute ;-)

FACT :: When it comes to exercising, I'm all talk and no action. Project PBB? 2013 Goals? 25 in 25? Nahhhh, let's make brownies. Which I did last night.

FACT :: I was in a select choir in high school which required the wearing of tux shirts, bow ties, and cumberbunds.

chambersingers_zps9785ac84 photo chambersingers_zps9785ac84.jpg 
FACT :: I hate having stuff in my nose. Therefore, I will blow it/pick it (yeah, you read right) until it's clear. Don't you worry all you germ-o-phobes, I use tissues and wash my hands.

FACT :: I eat junk food while watching weight loss reality shows. Chili cheese Fritos goes great with the Biggest Loser and Too Fat for 15: Fighting Back absolutely needs to be accompanied by ice cream.

FACT :: Contrary to this picture, I am not a daredevil.

weddingDVD046_zpsdf5f49fc photo weddingDVD046_zpsdf5f49fc.jpg 
 "Look, mom- no hands....and training wheels!"
FACT :: If it contains Blue Curacao, I'll take it.

NMSA002_zpsb3c60768 photo NMSA002_zpsb3c60768.jpg

FACT :: I did not cry when JD proposed or when we got married, but this lion video gets me every time.

Yep.  Tears.

FACT :: My bachelorette party was at a country bar. Line dancing and all.

bacheloretteparty_zps288dfad1 photo bacheloretteparty_zps288dfad1.jpg

FACT :: I really want to have that one great fact about myself to use for get-to-know-you ice breakers. I don't have one. I'm so completely average.

FACT :: Up until the last couple years or so I hated making phone calls to people I didn't know, like to order pizza or schedule a dentist appointment. I made myself semi-grow out of this because it was making my day-to-day life a pain.

That's all for today, folks. Head on over and see Whitney to read other tidbits of information about your fellow bloggers!


Sar said...

Bwaaahahaha, "I did not cry when JD proposed or when we got married, but this lion video gets me every time." I laughed so hard reading that. I cry over everything, including the lion video.

Also, pick it, sista. I'm with you on the nose-thing.

Kimberly H said...

I didn't cry when Shaun proposed either! I got a little teary eyed at our wedding...but those sentimental videos can make the tears start FLOODING. It's so strange! And for the record, I love that your bachelorette party was at a country bar. If my maid of honor had been able to drink, that's probably what we would have done!

Kaity said...

I totally pick my nose on the regular. I hate feeling stuff in there! I'm a fellow Buckeye (by marriage...does that count? Lol) and new follower!

Jenn said...

I'm SO LOVING reading all of these facts & getting to know you!

I'm a TOTAL B when I'm tired. Or really hungry....when it's both? Oh, boy you had better watch out ;)

My best friend and I use to watch Biggest Loser together every week- and we seriously felt like we ate more watching THAT show than any other. WHY IS THAT?! Glad I'm not the only one though!

Miranda said...

i drink wine while i watch intervention, i hate having stuff in my nose as well, and i didn't cry when i got proposed to as well. but that damn lion (and any other sad animal video) will have me crying like a baby! i love all your facts!