Monday, January 14, 2013

a review & a preview

This weekend was full of firsts for little Paxton :)

+ Friday evening he had his first taste of "solid" food. Pre-mommyhood, I thought the rice cereal that infants get was like a Rice Krispie mush. It sort of is...but really not so much. It's actually it's own product- very tiny, fine flakes of what apparently is rice. 1 tbsp of that is almost completely dissolved into 4 tbsp of breastmilk (or formula). It's more like drinking mik with a spoon.

Paxton is still a supported sitter, so we set him up in his Bumbo and were ready to go. He opened his mouth for the first spoonful, but only because he opens his mouth when anything is near it.

When he realized we were trying to stuff something in there, he wasn't too happy. The majority of it got spit out. Whatever got swallowed only did so mixed with the large amount of saliva he constantly produces.

About halfway through the bowl, he was sick of the Bumbo seat and got quite upset. We had been told the first time might not go so well for a couple reasons- (1) He may not be ready/interested in solids yet. He's only 4.5 months. & (2) He's used to eating a certain way and this whole spoon-not-boob thing is foreign to him. So we took this failure in stride. 

We tried in Saturday night. After the first bite he remembered the torture from the night before and immediately got angry. Oh well. We're going to hold off for awhile and try again in a couple weeks.

Thankfully, he did SO much better with his other "firsts". 

+ He slept in his own room in his crib on Friday night. He woke up crying 3 or 4 times, but re-inserting the paci into this mouth did the trick.He actually slept until 8:30! (Cue choir of angels.) The past couple of nights have been much more peaceful, though he hasn't continued the sleeping-in trend.

+ Before Paxton, JD and I would go out to eat almost every weekend. We really enjoy restaurants and taking time to converse over a meal instead of eating in front of the TV. (We don't own a table, so dining on the couch is the only option...which makes the TV very tempting.) We hadn't taken Paxton to a restaurant yet because of his love of being on the move. He likes to be held and really prefers you to stand or walk around while holding him. This obviously would be a problem in a public place where you are stationary the majority of the time. I know you other moms out there are laughing at us right now. You're thinking, "This child doesn't walk yet. He doesn't grab things and throw them yet. He doesn't talk so he can't say anything wildly inappropriate and embarrass you. What are you worried about??" So, on Saturday, we thought "Really, what's the worst that could happen? He could start screaming his face off and we'll get our food to go." So we took the plunge.

He was great.

Since we only had to drive a little ways, he was awake when we got there. I got him out of his car seat and he sat on my lap. I was planning on trying to eat with him there, but he was looking tired so I put him back in his seat. With his paci and a little white noise, he was out like a light just as our food arrived. He slept until I had to buckle him back up for the drive home. The restaurant meal wasn't exactly as relaxing as we remembered, but still a fun family outing.

And of course we also had some a lot of play time this weekend accompanied by photo opps.

Now that our weekend has been recapped, let's look ahead to this week!

My 5 for Five are all things I wanted to do last week and never got around to:

(1) Go to the bank. Christmas and birthday checks are waiting to be deposited.
(2) Buy baby hangers and organize Paxton's new clothes. So many cute things I don't want to forget about because they're not hanging up.
(3) Work on Paxton's baby book. Not getting behind on this is key!
(4) Print pictures. Another thing I need to stay on top of.
(5) Get this shadow box made. I have all the materials...I just need to sit down and crank it out!

Good luck to all you 5 for Fivers out there- we can do it!!



Tiffany H. said...

He is so cute! The first food I gave my daughter was bananas and she pretty much spit it out, but I'm happy to say that a month later she is pretty darn good at eating from a spoon (we still breastfeed). We also transitioned to the crib this weekend. Not a fun time. But wanyways good luck..He is really Cute.


Sar said...

Oh my gosh, Sarah, Paxton is adorable! I love him. And he's so darn cute. You also look fabulous!

Happy Monday! Thanks for linking up with me and Syn!

Brianne said...

Paxton is so stinkin adorable!

Micah Cain said...

Hi :) I found you on the blog hop. I'm from Ohio too<3 hope that state up north is treating you okay! Haha