Wednesday, December 5, 2012

my husband is an angry elf.

JD is sort of a Scrooge. I love the man to death, but his attitude can be the opposite of holiday cheer. He may have always been this way, but the condition worsened during his employment at Toys R Us (2008-2010). Apparently working retail on Black Friday is no fun. Who knew?

I began referring to him as an angry elf (sort of amusing since he's 6'6"). He now has a job that doesn't involve dealing with the general public so he's a little more jolly. Still, the term of endearment stuck.

That being said, engaging him in holiday activities is a bit difficult sometimes. I sat him down and shared my Christmas Fun List with him. The first thing out of his mouth was "You would make a Christmas Fun List." My reply was "And you will complete it with me." That'll show him.

I had seen a few Winter To-Do Lists and the like on Pinterest and thought I would compile a few of the things I want to do this season. A few are traditions and a few are new. I really just want to make the most of this month before it flies by like the rest of them. Without further ado, here's what I hope to complete in the next 27 days.

We actually have our tree up and decorated already. And JD turned on the Christmas music without me even having to ask :) I also have the Christmas cards hanging and I've made our family member wish lists. I'll post pics of our decorations soon!

My New Years resolutions are in the works. I want to push myself but also make them realistic. Any ideas for your resolutions yet?

As with JD's 12 Days of Christmas, I will for sure be sharing my progress with this list.

What do you want to do this holiday season?
Any special activities or events?



Alana Christine said...

Angry Elf? I like it! haha. Glad he's being cooperative!

emily fitzgerald {once in a blue room} said...

putting on xmas music without you having to ask = definitely a keeper!