Monday, December 17, 2012

monday stuff.

I want to thank those of you who said kind words in response to my blog envy issue. All bloggers have one thing in common- we do it because we love it. That's what makes our posts worth reading. I just needed to take and step back and remember why I started this thing in the first place. I wanted to record details of my life and join a wonderful community. If, one day, I become blog famous, then great! But I'll forever be okay writing for me and anyone else who happens to stop by :)


I had a few paragraphs about the school shooting typed out and then deleted them. We've all heard about it by now. We've read all our friends' opinions on Facebook about gun control and school safety and we've heard the wonderful stories about heroic teachers. I feel like we've done enough talking
We all realize it was a horrible tragedy and we're praying for the victims. Let's take a step back and not only write on social media about how we're thinking of that community but actually think about them. Pray for them. And while we're at it, let's also think about victims of other crimes. Sometimes, in between these catastrophic events that make national headlines, we forget that evil lashes out every day around the world.
Finally, I ask that you keep the shooter's friends and family in your prayers. I hope they don't have to do deal with blame or carry around guilt for what happened.
I'm sure you've seen this button around blog-land already. Here's another reminder to participate in the day of silence tomorrow. Really, what else is there to say?


I have this thing called "decision-making-perfectionism" which prevents me from making decisions in fear of being wrong. So I go over and over something again and again in case I missed an important detail. It's why I browsed the women's department of Shopko for an hour, unfolding and refolding possible shirts for my mom. This explains why goal #2 didn't get finished. 

Anywho- here's my 5 for Five :)  


Last Week
(1) Clean out closet. Done! I tried on all my pre-pregnancy shirts to see which to keep around in hopes of wearing again and which to take to Goodwill.

(2) Finish Christmas shopping.Not quite yet. 2 gift exchanges and a few gift cards left.

(3) Work out at least 3 days. Major fail. I don't want to talk about it.

(4) Take Christmas pictures of Paxton. Didn't happen.

(5) Make homemade ornaments for the grandparents. They're started, but not completed.

This Week 
(1) Wrap all Christmas presents. If this doesn't happen I'll have to pack them up unwrapped and then steal wrapping materials from my mom.

(2) Take down Christmas tree. What? It's not even Christmas yet! I know, I know, but we're traveling for the holidays and we don't want to leave our tree up while we're gone in case our cat gets the urge to climb it. Luckily that hasn't happened yet, but you never know what our crazy feline will do.
(3) Take Christmas pictures of Paxton. For reals this time.
(4) Clean out the refrigerator. EVERY time we travel we come home to moldy goodness. I refuse to let that happen this time around.
(5) Pack up stuff for my parents to store for us. We are collecting way too much crap to keep in our small apartment. My parents have offered to keep a few boxes of stuff that's not used on a regular basis, such as clothes that are now too small for Paxton, Christmas decorations, and (sadly) my scrapbooking stuff.

Can you believe Christmas is in a week?? 
December is just SPEEDING by!

Have a fabulous Monday!


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Dabbling in Dixie said...

Enjoy traveling for Christmas! We've talked about taking down the tree twice already with the puppy super excited about trying to make it fall... some fur babies cannot be trusted ;)