Thursday, December 13, 2012

i've got beef.

...with the makers of baby clothes.

The problem is the sizing. People are always asking what size clothes Paxton is wearing now. I feel like in order to be accurate, I have to answer with a paragraph. "Well, if it's Carter's 100% cotton- 6 months. If it's Carter's fleece- 3 months. If it's Old Navy..." I could go on forever.

...with city water.

It's gross. I grew up drinking the most delicious well water everrrrr. Now I'm forced to choke down this disgusting stuff or kill the environment with plastic bottles. I do realize that alternatives here are recycling or a Brita filter. Instead of complaining, I should get on one of those...

...with the Madison meteorologists.

39 degrees is not "beautiful out there" and 45 degrees is not "spring like". I understand it's Wisconsin, but you really need to up your standards.

...with Menards.

I do not need an ad in the mail every other day.

...with Pinterest (gasp!)

Stop making me want to bake and drown myself in carbs and sugar.

...with Twitter and Instagram hackers. 

I'm sick of DM's saying "What are you doing in this video?" and comments saying "That's cool. I made $5,000 quick with this business."

...with Lifetime.

Why did you stop showing reruns of Grey's Anatomy in the afternoon??

...with my DVR.

You have one job- record my shows. If that can't be accomplished, you have failed. Stop saying there was an error or freezing up every time I want to watch something!

...with my inability to make decisions.

My cousin wants a "coffee thermos mug" for Christmas. What does that mean to you? She did not use the word travel so I don't know if she wants a handle and a little slide that opens and closes the lid. I got one mug with those things and one mug without those things. JD says I should just give her both. Why is this so difficult for me?

What do you have beef with this Thursday?
Happy, positive post coming tomorrow :)
& Neely is having a 3 year Blogoversary giveaway (I definitely do NOT have beef with this!)


Miranda said...

I have a beef with Menards for a different reason. My husband works at the Distribution Center. That is all I will say :)

Cassie said...

"coffee thermos mug" sounds like a travel mug to me, but I agree with JD.. if you give her both then you cant be wrong.

Erin said...

That is DUMB about kids clothes, lol. I have always just assumed kids clothes would be super easy to know sizing and buy and all that. Why don't they make them all the same?!

Brita filter = life changing. Forreal!

DVR = on the naughty list. They skipped recording xfactor last week and I was super ticked!

Audrie Is... said...

I feel your pain on the water situation! Where I went to college (University of Iowa) the water was terrbile! I could barely stomach it, yet everyone else around me seemed to think I was crazy! Try the Brita filter fo sho.