Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Family Christmas & 12 Days Update!

We had our family Christmas last night and it was so much fun to open up our gifts as a family of 3 :) We unwrapped early in order for the new clothes to get washed and the new toys to get packed...which is what I'll be doing for the next couple days. 

If you follow on Instagram (@sdenen), you saw our forecast for tonight thru tomorrow:

That's bad enough, but I was watching a different news station this morning and they're calling for a total of 10-16". Wahhhh :( I'm all for a white Christmas, but I dislike everything that comes with it- unsafe driving conditions, tracking snow into the house, and cold weather in general.

Anyway, let's get back to the point of this post, shall we?

Naturally, Paxton opened first.

He was more interested in trying to eat the bows.

For as long as I can remember, my mom has taken pictures of my sister and me with our opened presents on Christmas morning. I love looking back at these, so I started the tradition with Paxton!

Then, it was Bert's turn. We had already given him a replacement for his hamper. (One of those pop-up mesh things created for college kids. He liked to sit in it so we gave it to him and it got super gross so we threw it out.) This time we got him something actually made for cats. He also got a Bird Boing. That's it's real name.

The stuffed bird (and feathers, hidden by his face) are on a spring. Every time he bats at it, it flies back and forth and makes a chirping noise. It's actually quite annoying and we may already be regretting buying it.

Then it was my turn. No picture here, but JD got me Back to the Future (one of my FAVORITE movies!), the first season of Pretty Little Liars (I missed a few episodes once and never got caught up), a 2013 planner, pink earbuds, and a Jillian Michaels ab workout DVD! All great stuff :)

Next on the gift-opening agenda was my birthday present. I don't turn 25 (gasp!) until January 6th but he insisted I open it now because I "will want it for the holidays." I moped a little because my birthday gets lumped in with Christmas a lot, but I obliged.

And I'm SO glad I did! He got me a camcorder!! We've taken a few short videos of Paxton with our iPhones but I hadn't even though of getting one of these. I'm super excited to film Paxton's first Christmas!!

Finally, it was JD's turn. Dad's always go last, don't they? Poor things. 

He only opened his Day 10 gift yesterday, but I'll recap the whole thing for you.   

Previously, I shared my gift plan for JD


He loved the idea! I told him no hints were being given because he has tried to guess EVERY gift I've ever given him. He was pleasantly surprised with how I chose to relate each number to each present. Here are all 12 of JD's 12 Days of Christmas:

 For easy wrapping, his gift was in this tin (from Hobby Lobby) every day.

One shirt :) Gotta keep my man lookin' nice!

My original plan was to make a footprint ornament out of salt dough, but stamping an infant's foot into mush (the consistency was not quite right) didn't work out. I turned to glitter which is always fun! Topped it with Mod Podge so we wouldn't get sparkles everywhere.
Found all 3 of these fun games at Shopko. 
We've already played Mancala several times :)
4 DVDs
If you don't mind used DVDs, I recommend Pawn America. The selection was AMAZING and each one was only $1.50!
The trail mix has 5 ingredients. 
It took JD a minute or so to figure this out. He thought I forgot to give him the other 4 snacks :)
Sort of boring, but SO necessary.

1 framed picture of Paxton, 1 packet of on-the-go flossers, 1 crossword puzzle book, 2 packs of gum, and 1 pair of smartphone friendly gloves.
 My original plan for Day 7 was "7 things for your office", but then I realized the gloves would really be used on the WAY to his office and he really shouldn't be doing crossword puzzles at work :-P So, it turned out to be a box of random stuff.
This one is a raincheck for pumpkin pie :)
The recipe I use has 8 ingredients.
3 air fresheners, 1 phone charger for the car, 1 flashlight, and there WERE a total of 4 Reese's, but 2 got eaten as soon as they were opened.
$10 gas station gift card
He loves those pre-packaged apple fritters.

 11 homemade coupons

365 facts about beer.
I had SO much fun putting each day together! Both of us sort of hoped this would become a tradition, but I'm not sure how many more ideas I could come up with! Maybe Pinterest will give me another good idea for next year :)

We have 5 more gift-openings to go with different groups of relatives! I'm exhausted already.

Happy Christmas to you and yours! & don't forget about the Wisconsin Bloggers Giveaway-- 2 days left to enter!!


Mary said...

You are so creative! I love the 12 Days gifts and the tradition of Paxton with his gifts is such a fantastic idea!!

Cassie said...

Paxton is too cute! we're supposed to get snow this weekend but only 6-10inches. Merry Christmas!!