Friday, December 21, 2012

adult points

Christmas is not a fancy affair with my family and I'm not attending any holiday parties (sad face), but if I was going to dress up for Christmas, this is the type of outfit I'd choose.

christmas cozy

{click image to see full outfit details}
I'd definitely pick a sweater dress because it's the most comfortable way to eat a lot and still look good :) 
The lace tights and black booties class it up a bit. And who doesn't like a good holiday glitter polish?
I'd have a hard time choosing which pair of holiday earrings to wear. All three are just the right amount of cheesy and cute.


Also for today, I have a fun little survey that I got from Janna @ Perception is Everything.

In red are the adult characteristics that apply to me.

Job (1P) -- Not currently, by choice.
Business Card (1P) -- Have you ever seen a teacher with one?
Laptop (1P)
Live with Parents (-2P)
Engaged (1P)
Married (2P)
 Divorced (3P)
Kids (2P)
House (2P)
Car (1P)
 Minivan (2P) -- Not too far off, I'm afraid.
Cottage/Boat (2P) -- Wish.
Dog (1P)
Loan (1P) -- Not counting my husband's school loans.
Credit Card (1P)
 Maxed Out Credit Card (-3P)
Air miles (1P)
Savings Account (1P)
Dishwasher (1P)
Sewing Machine (2P)
King Size Bed (1P) -- Another wish.
Actually Cooking (2P)
Slippers (1P) 
Grey Hair (1P)
Cellulite (1P)
Morning Paper (1P)-- Morning blogs, duh!
Video Games (-1P)
Choose to not pick up the phone (2P)
Tattoo (-1P)
Degree (1P)
 Mugshot (-2P)
Casual Sex (-2P)
Double Date (1P)
Wine Tasting (1P)
Beer Keg (-1P)
Weight Watchers (2P)-- No, but I'm thinking about it for the new year!
Casual Friday (1P)
Walking Just For Fun (1P)
Cruise (3P) -- Yet another wish.
 High School Reunion (1P) -- We didn't have a 5 year one, but I would have gone.
Odd Piercings (-2P)

My Total Adult Points: 17
0 – 15 Points: Cut Your Hair and Get a Job!
16 – 29 Points: It’s all downhill from here
30 – 46 Points: Moving To Florida?

I'm not sure who came up with this or why there isn't a positive points zone to land in! 

I'm a firm believer that age is just a number and that your attitude is really what makes you young or old. I hope to stay as carefree and fun-loving as adulthood makes possible :)


Jessi Francis said...

I LOVE the tights and boots for that outfit! Super cute!

Tiara Wasner said...

Sweater dresses are the best! Happy Holidays - Tiara

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I love the tights! And the polish makes me want to paint my nails festive :)