Tuesday, December 11, 2012

a day in the life...

The always gorgeous and hilarious Erin over at Living in Yellow recently did a photojournaling post to document a day in her life. I've been wanting to share what I do all day (though I'm not sure why because it really won't interest any of you...), so this is the perfect link up!

I am no photographer. These were all snapped with my phone as I went about my day.

Without further ado, here was my Monday:

7:00 AM: CBS this morning while feeding Paxton.

 Love Nora.

8:00 AM: Breakfast. One of the most important lessons learned from my parents-- the best days start with breakfast sandwiches.


10:00 AM: Blog and read blogs while Paxton naps.

11:00 AM: Work on JD's 12 Days of Christmas while Paxton continues to take a longer than usual nap. Win!

 He's currently on Day 3. Full recap when he's done :)

12:00 PM: Get both of us ready for the day.

 Very simple beauty routine.

 Baby boots with the fur.

1:00 PM: Run errands.

 Caramel Brulee Latte!

2:00 PM: Playtime!


3:00 PM: Wrap presents.

 Unfortunately I skip bows and ribbons because traveling ruins them.

4:00 PM: Supposed to be nap time. Instead, he is wide-eyed, smiling, with his tongue out. Silly boy.

 3 months old= tongue out. ALL THE TIME.

6:00 PM: Gourmet dinner.

 I do make things more complex and nutritious than Shells and Cheese, but nothing quite as delicious!

9:00 PM: Paxton screams his face off and fights sleep like never before. No picture.

10:00 PM: I unwind with some reading.

 Love Oprah. Not a huge fan of Doctor Oz, though.

There you have it, my bloggy friends. One of my days as a SAHM. This is pretty typical. Sometimes cleaning occurs. And poopy diapers always occur (but I didn't think you would want a picture of that...)

Grab your phone (or snazzy camera if you're more classy than me) and show me your day!

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Miranda said...

i miss the days where my son took a nap :( those shells and cheese look yummy!

Erin said...

That pic of P with his lil tongue out is just about the cutest thing ever!! :) Does he do well when you're out running errands?!