Friday, November 9, 2012


Dear Paxton, You are the light of my life. Every time you smile any exhaustion, frustration, or loneliness goes away.

Dear Daylight Savings Time, Please come back. Sunset at 4:40 is ridiculous.

Dear Copps, Please start selling the variety of cat litter I buy. Driving across town for it is a nuisance.

Dear Re-runs of Greys Anatomy on Lifetime, I love you. You make my afternoons awesome.

Dear Body, I promise I'll start taking care of you one of these days. Exercising really needs to be higher up on my To-Do list.

Dear Wedding Pictures Still in the Box, I'm not going to lie, you'll probably stay there until after we move again. Sorry.

Dear Weekend, I LOVE YOU. I'm sure many people think being a SAHM is like having Saturday every day. This is so not true. We look forward to the weekend like everyone else, so thank you for being here. And try not to go too quickly.


 november 9th - bonfire beauties

This outfit would be perfect to wear while sitting around a bonfire. Having some hot chocolate or apple cider in hand wouldn't be too bad, either ;-)

cozy fall

For outfit details, click the image.



Erin said...

UGH, I haaaaate how dark it is so early! Totally depressing driving home from work at 5:30 and it's practically pitch black! BOO!

And I love that outfit- I will definitely take the whole thing ;)

Britta Marie said...

reruns of grey's anatomy are my favorite! love your letters :)

xo Britta

Cassie said...

I hear ya on the daylight savings time, I hate that gets dark so early now.. it's depressing!

Steph @ Halfway to Somewhere said...

I found you through the link-up and I already love your blog!!! I'm a Buckeye dating a Badger living in Idaho. One of these days I'm going to sit down and catch up on some of your posts.

Here's one I wrote on the first game day I was home and couldn't watch:

It was traumatizing. Have a wonderful weekend!