Monday, November 26, 2012

monday, monday

{Hopefully you sang the post title like the song...}

I also hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend!

JD, Paxton and I headed out of town on Tuesday evening and arrived at JD's parent's house at 4:45am on Wednesday. We were TIRED but Paxton traveled wonderfully so it really wasn't that bad.

Wednesday was spent catching up on sleep, visiting with our parents, and meeting some of JD's high school friends at a local bar. Unfortunately, Paxton woke up and needed feeding so I only got to spend an hour out. On the flip side, I watched Catfish with JD's mom and sister while I fed him. Have you seen this show? It follows people who meet their "soul mates" online and then go to meet them in person. We just laughed in amazement at how blind people can be...

Thanksgiving was spent with JD's family. Paxton showed his Turkey Day spirit....

My family has moved our Thanksgiving celebration to Black Friday because so many people have to split their time between two (or more) families on Thursday. So we headed to my aunt's for Thanksgiving #2.

Paxton did great at both celebrations. He was a little overwhelmed with all the noise and people (6 kids ages 4 and under at my family's party!), but he "talked" and smiled and warmed hearts all day :)

More relatives from my mom's side of the family came over on Saturday. We watched Ohio State beat that state up north (12-OH!!!) and I finally got to meet a new 2nd cousin!

We were back on the road Sunday morning and today we're back to our normal schedule. Wah, wahhhh.

Let's take a look at this wonderful link-up....


 Last Week:

(1) Not eat my weight in food during our 2 Thanksgiving celebrations. SUCCESS! Seriously, people, I'm not lying here! I thought this would be the hardest goal, but I did great. I wore skinny jeans to both celebrations, so that helped curb my eating!

(2) Clean out/organize my closet. FAIL. Did not happen. I did go through some of my pre-pregnancy clothes, though.

(3) Complete a Pinterest project. FAIL. I chose to get a few more pages of Paxton's baby book done, instead.

(4) Pack for our Thanksgiving trip. SUCCESS! Obviously, I had to do this, but I got it done well and in good time.

(5) Give Paxton (at least) 20 minutes of tummy time per day. [repeat] FAIL. He probably got an average of 5 minutes each day. I'm such a softy!

Overall, not the best. But I'm so proud of completing #1 that I don't even care!!

This Week:

(1) Set up and decorate our Christmas tree.

(2) Take Paxton's 3 month pictures.

(3) Get a Walgreen's card. They've taken after CVS and now you have to have a card to get the ad prices.

(4) Clean out/organize my closet. [repeat]

(5) Give Paxton 20 minutes of tummy time per day. [repeat] I will get this done!

 Have a wonderful week!

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Jenn said...

UM how cute is Paxton?! Stinking adorable!!! Love it :) It can be tough for me to get goals compelted when I'm out of routine (cough, cough Thanksgiving)! But, I know you'll be back at it again this week! You've got some great goals, too!

I can't wait to see Sweet Paxton's 3 month pictures :)

Have a fantastic week! Thanks for so much support with this link up, too!

Kristen Alexis said...

hey, you did a great job completing 2 goals even when it was thanksgiving break!! you go girl!! And since when did Walgreens start this card thing? I guess they have to join the crowd! lol. Paxton is such a cutie with his little hat! Glad y'all had a great thanksgiving!!

Cassie said...

Paxton is adorable in that turkey hat! good luck on your goals this week.

eliz said...

ahhhhh what an adorable hat! I love that there are tons of children at your family's party (Makes it more lively!)...we don't have any little kids in my family!

Jessica said...

I agree, you met your toughest goal last week! Great thinking wearing skinny jeans to Thanksgiving, haha. Thanks for linking up with us!! I'm excited to see Paxton's three month pictures - he is adorable!