Friday, November 30, 2012


I never got around to posting these cute summaries, so here are a few things about my little man for each month of his life.
{"per" stands for "percentile". His head is actually off the charts, but we rounded down to 100. Must have big brains in there!}

{To clarify- the "hammock" is actually this thing. A better word would be cradle or rocker, but once JD and I called it a hammock it just stuck.}

I can't believe how big he's getting!! Sometimes I look at him and already see a toddler in that cute little face. Other times the lack of control over his extremities leads to a smack in my face and I remember he's still my baby.

He turned 3 months this past Sunday (November 25th). Here are some more pictures from our photo shoot.

 Distracted by his mobile.

Getting closer to a smile...

There we go!

 Some hand sucking.

Oops! About to fall over.

Bert joined us.

Annnnd I've been meaning to post pictures of his nursery, so I'll share those today too!

Bedding: Kids Line Mosaic Transport. It's not sold in stores anymore, but here it is on Amazon. We just got a few pieces of the set (sheet, mobile, and changed table cover (not pictured)) on clearance at Babies R Us.
Quilt: Made by a coworker of mine. She did such a good job!!
Wall Decal: Purchased from Etsy.
Furniture: Child of Mine by Carter's from Walmart

As you can see, there are still bags and boxes from my baby showers that haven't been put away yet, but are neatly stacked :)

Gotta love Dr. Seuss! I whipped up this printable to go along with his planes, trains, and automobiles theme.

His first basketball hoop! A friend of ours got this for him and JD and I have been enjoying it :)

Glider: Babies R Us (couldn't find a link)

Canvas: Target (again, couldn't find a link)

Cross Stitch: Made by my aunt for my nursery when I was born.

 I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! My plans are filled with Christmas cheer-- shopping and decorating!


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Jill Flinton said...

I love the saying on the cross stitch...such a wonderful reminder.