Monday, November 19, 2012

{5 for Five} Take 4

Happy Thanksgiving week! 
It's so much better to celebrate more than one day. Last week I created our one and only holiday decoration...

The frame is actually a tray with spots for pictures. The "Give Thanks" printable can be found here. Please ignore the fact that my husband is thankful for Kyrie Irving...

The first disc of the the last season of One Tree Hill arrived in our mailbox this weekend. Um, the first episode...whaaaaaat? Craziness.

We also went on our weekly trip to Super Target this weekend and purchased our very first Christmas tree. It will be going up in one week!!

Now on to....


Last week:

I didn't keep track of whether I completed these every day, so I'm just giving myself a plus or minus for the week on each one.

(1) Discuss finances & the future with JD. (+) We didn't get anything concrete decided, but we can't see the future. Who knows where the next few years will take us!
(2) Give Paxton (at least) 20 minutes of tummy time per day. (+/-) I'm getting a 50% because we did it every day, but not 20 minutes worth. That's an improvement at least. It's going on the list for next week

(3)  Do my knee and ab exercises every day. (+/-) Another 50% because I did really well on the knee exercises, but not so great on the abs.

(4) "Unplug" for 1 evening.  (+) There wasn't a single night we didn't watch at least one TV show or not look at our phones at all, but I feel like we did really good at this one anyway. We spent more time with the TV off just hanging out.

(5)  Drink through my water bottle 3 times every day. (+) I did so much better with this one this week! I changed water bottles, which may have helped in some weird mental way.

This week's goals:

(1) Not eat my weight in food during our 2 Thanksgiving celebrations. When I told JD about this goal he responded with "Yeah right." Thanks for the confidence, babe :-P

(2) Clean out/organize my closet. I'm still not in most of my pre-pregnancy clothes so they need to be shoved to the side. And I'm sure there are several items that can go to Goodwill.

(3) Complete a Pinterest project. I'm still trying to decide which to tackle. This one, this one, or this one?

(4) Pack for our Thanksgiving trip. Okay, making this a goal is sort of cheating because it's something I have to do.

(5)  Give Paxton (at least) 20 minutes of tummy time per day. [repeat]



Cassie said...

Kyrie Irving hahah that's great! I love the cards in a binder idea, but I think the baby info one would be nice for Paxton too.

Mikelle Jade {The Honeypie Archives} said...

So happy for you to have your first Christmas tree! That makes me want to go get one now and start putting up the holiday decor. I like how you said you had a "weekly" Target trip. I love me some Target

Alyx said...

Unplugging can be so difficult!! Hope your Thanksgiving was perfect!

Jenn said...

It looks like a successful week to me! You had some fun sounding goals for this week- hope you'll link up again & let us know how you did!!