Monday, November 12, 2012

{5 for Five} Take 3

First, here's a tiny weekend update for ya:

- We went in search of our very first {fake} family Christmas tree. Growing up, my family would go pick out a real tree every year. Unfortunately, JD is completely against this for some reason. He thinks it's too much work and that our cat will eat it. I think our cat will eat the fake tree too, which may actually be worse for him. (Yes? No? Does anyone know the answer to this?) Anyway, we headed to Menards and I was super disappointed to find that the fake trees look much better in their ad than in person. We decided to shop around and left without a tree. 

- Paxton had his first diaper blowout. If you've never heard of this, I'm guessing you can figure it out. I'm assuming these will only get worse as he gets olderand starts to eat solids (ewww!)

-  I took Sunday afternoon to pamper myself a little and went to get my hair cut and colored. Only a couple inches came off, but it's definitely darker. I don't take many pictures of myself, so the before picture is from back in August...

Whoa- look at that belly!
 I liked to call my color "natural ombre". And that actually does not mean that I had highlights that grew out. When this picture was taken, I hadn't had my hair highlighted in over 3 years! The ends were truly naturally lighter.

 There are hints of red (that look more like dark purple) that are visible in person.

- I also completed this pin:

 I am horrible at doing hair. The only thing I ever do to mine is straighten it. So I'm really proud of this!

Now, on to what I'd like to accomplish this week!

Last weeks scores:

(1) Floss and rinse every day.(3/5) Don't worry, I still brushed every day, twice a day...I was just too lazy to finish the entire routine.

(2) "Unplug" for 2 evenings. (0/2) FAIL!
(3) Drink through my water bottle 4 times every day. (0/5) FAIL!
(4) Do my knee and ab exercises every day. (1/5) FAIL!
(5) Make dinner or eat leftovers every night. (5/5!!!!)

Even though I failed at 3 of the goals, I've very proud of the 2 I did well on. The unplug goal was extremely challenging (as you can see), but I'm determined to get better at it.My exercises are also staying on the list, and my water goal is getting revised. I know lowering expectations seems like cheating, but I want to be successful and gradually increase difficulty rather than fail all the time!

Goals for this week:
(1) Discuss finances & the future with JD. I'm a planner and this drives JD nuts sometimes. I want to set some goals/make some plans about the next few years. I am not a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants type of gal!!
(2) Give Paxton (at least) 20 minutes of tummy time per day. He hates it and I give in when he's screaming. However, unless I want him to have a flat head and weak neck muscles, I need to make him do it!

(3)  Do my knee and ab exercises every day.

(4) "Unplug" for 1 evening. No tv, phone, or computer after JD gets home from work. I know I can!

(5)  Drink through my water bottle 3 times every day.

Good luck to all the ladies linking up!!



Cassie said...

I think it's okay to revise the goals, you'll gradually build up to where you want to be in no time. good luck!

Jill Flinton said...

Sometimes a step back is better for the ultimate goal!

Prop Paxton on a bobby for his tummy time, he may enjoy it better.

New follower from 5 for 5

Jill @And Life Goes On

Erin said...

Loving the new hair, and it looks so cute braided like that too. I am not adventurous at all when it comes to my hair either, you have me motivated to actually fix mine!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah, I am a new follower and a new blogger as well. I love your new haircut and colour. I think your that your braided headband came out really nice.


Kelly Rothermel said...

Oh, I like your hair! And the braid! :)

Steph @ Halfway to Somewhere said...

I used to never drink water, like never, and then I got a Camelback eddy, and I can drink like 3 a day without even thinking about it. Check 'em out!