Tuesday, October 23, 2012

some currents.

reading: Dewey. Even though I love them, I shy away from true stories about animals because I always cry. However, I've wanted to read this for a long time and finally got around to borrowing it from my mom. Read more about this cute cat here.

watching: I hate to admit it, but Saved by the Bell College Years is currently on my TV. I absolutely am NOT embarrassed to watch the regular episodes, but the college years really weren't good.

thinking about: How awesome it's going to be to wake up to a cozy home instead of a freezing cold one-- our heater is fixed!

loving: My husband & son :)
sad faces

looking forward to: Thanksgiving! Paxton has met several of his relatives, but still has many more to go. 

wondering: If the maintenance people think I'm that stupid or if they're that lazy. Allow me to explain...Our shower has been leaking for a long time now. I've complained about it on here before and a handful of workers on our maintenance staff have come in to fix it. Several different tactics have been tried, including a new overflow gauge and caulking. The most recent "solution" is a shield that keeps our bathtub from letting water out. 

One worker said we needed to be better with our shower curtain. Um- HELLO...I'm not that dumb. I pull the curtain all the way to the wall and then some. Trust me, until our heater got fixed, I wanted to keep all the steam I possibly could inside that shower. They're honestly telling us that our shower is leaking (through the floor and down into our dining room) because we shower with the curtain open and water leaks out onto the floor. No, no, no, no, no. There's a leaky pipe in there somewhere It's rotting the floorboards and growing mold as you try all these cheap fixes in acts of denial.

Ok, rant over.

cooking/baking: Tortilla Soup! Recipe coming soon :)
disliking: The weather forecast for this weekend. Tomorrow looks great....but Friday and Saturday?? Not cool, Wisconsin. Well, actually it will be rather cool...but you get it :-P

making me happy: The package of Hershey's Bliss chocolates I have in the pantry. I grab one every time I walk by. Oops!
wishing you: A happy Tuesday!

{post inspired by katie}

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Amanda @ everyday b and b said...

please share the tortilla soup recipe, looks so yummy!