Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy All Hallows' Eve :)

(AKA Halloween, if you're confused.)

I'm afraid the blogging world may disown me for the following statement, but I'll say it anyway- I haven't dressed up for Halloween since 2009. 

Go ahead and think less of me, it's okay.

My last year trick-or-treating was 7th grade, 2000. I wasn't planning on going but one of my best friends had the idea for us to be a crab. That's right- 2 people as 1 crab. It was sort of like a 3 legged race. Hilarious. Unfortunately, I don't have a single picture.

The next year I collected change for UNICEF. My neighbors thought I was such a nice kid that they gave me candy anyway.

Skip to my sophomore year in college, 2007. My school didn't have a huge Halloween bash since we were a small school and only an hour and a half from Ohio University and 10 minutes from Ohio State. But my sorority went trick-or-treating for cans to send to a local food bank. Again, people thought we were so sweet that we got candy in addition to non-perishables. I decided in order to save money, I would bust out my 6th grade genie costume. I reached my max height fairly early in life, so I figured it would fit. And my 19-year-old self had better abs than my 12-year-old self, too. 

Now to my senior year of college and my favorite Halloween costume ever.

Playboy bunny.

JD was my Hugh Hefner and my other roommates were a tool and basketball players. The last roommate was missing from the picture, which is a shame since he was a scuba full gear.

I put together this costume myself. Nothing was handmade, but none of the parts came together, which is DIY by my standards.

I still have that corset, but am fairly sure it will never fit again.

Now, I haven't been in costume since that year, but in 2010 I made a pretty sweet jack-o-lantern.

Happy Halloween to all!



Amanda @ everyday b and b said...

and here I thought I was the only person who stopped celebrating halloween after a while! I always used the excuse that halloween is celebrated usually on Saturday nights, and Saturday nights in the fall are reserved for celebrating Buckeye football, therefore, no halloween for me haha

Cassie said...

that pumpkin is awesome! one year I carved a block O into my pumpkin, it turned out pretty well. Happy Halloween!

Emily said...

Cute costumes and I really love that pumpkin!! Where did you go to college?!

Mary said...

Love those pictures!