Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lots of love.

A year ago today, JD and I tied the knot. We were engaged for almost a year and half and I had so much fun planning. Our wedding day flew by....just as this past year has.

We knew we were going to get married soon after we started dating. JD would say he knew soon after he met me, but I guess I took some convincing ;-) We met as freshmen in college in 2006 when we both were in relationships. We hung out and got to know each other through lunches at the campus cafeteria, watching movies, and AIM/Facebook conversations.

*freshman year*

JD transferred schools sophomore year so we didn't see each other that often, but just because we were out of sight did not mean we were out of mind. When ever he was in town, he called me up to hang out. At different times during this year, our respective relationships ended. Finally, in June of 2008 we met for a late night snack at Waffle House and started dating soon after.

*summer before junior year*
JD transferred back for our junior year and we became roommates senior year.

*senior year roommates, minus one*
Yes, I lived with 5 guys. And this was Halloween, not our daily wear.

We got engaged after graduation and moved to WI not long after that.

 *moving day*

And, as they say, the rest is history. Or, the beginning of the rest of our lives together <3



Almost a week ago, my baby turned 1 month old. Although we've had some long nights (and days!), I can't believe this first month is behind us. 


-- You are smiling, but not really at anything. It's still random. I was lucky to catch this one.

-- You cry a lot. The obvious solutions (diaper change, nursing, burping, etc.) don't always work so we turn to laying you on your stomach on Daddy's chest. With his pinky in your mouth and this other hand patting your back, you usually go right to sleep. The same does not work for Mommy. We think it's because you consider me to be food. When Daddy is at work and you have a crying fit, there's not much I can do!

-- You HATE tummy time. Mommy gives in and doesn't make you do it that often.

-- You LOVE bath time.

-- You nurse every 2-3 hours. You fall asleep about half the time and don't spit up much at all.

-- We tried your first bottle today, but you were very unhappy and screamed so much that you didn't even give it a chance. Maybe next time.

-- Your neck is getting stronger, but your head is still a little too heavy for you to fully control.

-- You have not taken to the pacifier. We stick it in your mouth and you may suck for a little bit, but you always spit it out.

-- You enjoy your mobile and can be entertained in your crib for about 15 minutes. This may not seem like much, but 15 minutes of silence without having to hold you is GOLDEN.

-- You only fall asleep if you are being held and you only stay asleep if you continue to be held or if you're put in your swing. You won't sleep for longer than 15-20 minutes on a flat surface (pack-n-play, bassinet, crib). We're hoping to break you of this soon. That swing eats up C batteries!

-- Mommy and Daddy love you SO much and every time you smile, sneeze,  or coo your cuteness overwhelms us. We are blessed by your presence and can't wait to watch you grow.




Sarah Mcdougal said...

Congratulations and your son is gorgeous! I LOVE your blog! I'm a new follower and was hoping that you might return the favor! Just go to: www.enjoyingtheepiphany.com, read it, and follow me if you like it! That'd be AMAZING!!


callie ;) said...

cute entry! happy anniversary and happy 1 month bday to paxton!