Friday, October 19, 2012

a list.

1) I'm writing this on my phone with one thumb as Paxton eats his first lunch. I say first because he nurses every 3 hours, so he has about 6 meals a day.

2) My other hand is eating a pumpkin cookie.

3) My new morning tv lineup is local news, CBS This Morning, Live with Kelly and Michael, Let's Make a Deal, and The Price is Right.

4) I love that I'm following several bloggers with babies or who are pregnant. Reading your posts reminds me that I'm not alone during the tough times of mommyhood.

5) JD was able to take the day off work and he's headed here to spend some time with family. Paxton and I haven't seen him in over a week so we are excited to say the least!!

6) My little munchkin is sleeping for 7 hours straight at night. AWESOME.

7) We are headed to the Circleville Pumpkin Show tomorrow! JD's family is from there so they're a tad obsessed. It may be too cold for Paxton so I'll just send JD out for some Bourbon chicken and some sort of pumpkin dessert and I'll be happy :)

8) UPDATE: Everything above I wrote on Friday and never published. It's now Sunday and we're headed home. Great weather for a drive, but Indianapolis ruined any good vibes with all it's construction.

9) Tortilla Soup recipe coming soon!

10) I'm really hoping our apartment complex has a trick-or-treat night. I want to see all our neighbor kiddos in their costumes! Paxton can't eat candy (obvs), but he's going to be a black cat :)



Kathleen said...

Loving your updates! Sounds like your loving motherhood :)

Kathleen said...
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