Saturday, September 8, 2012


During each week of my pregnancy I received updates from These included possible symptoms I may experience, a list of To-Do items, and facts and statistics about my growing baby. According to this website and what I've heard from other women, I think I had a pretty easy pregnancy. There were no complications and only a few minor speedbumps (monitoring the size of baby's brain for a couple months, being told we were having a girl instead of a boy, and having to take the 3 hour glucose test, and being 5 days overdue.) That being said, I didn't go through pregnancy symptom-free. I've complied a list of symptoms from The Bump and made notes about my experience with each one. I'd like to have this information to compare to possible future pregnancies. This may interest some people are who are currently pregnant or curious about pregnancy....or it may completely turn you off and make you never want to read my blog again/never get pregnant. Hopefully the latter does not happen. I've given the fair TMI warning, but, really, it's nothing that bad!

Sore Boobs- Yes. Months 0-4ish really.

Darkening Areolas- Yes. Months 1-delivery.

Spotting- No.

Mood Swings- I guess. JD made jokes occasionally, but he admitted I wasn't bad at all :)

Frequent Urination- Yes. Months 3-delivery.

Fatigue- Yes. Months 2-3.5ish I was extremely tired. Like, bedtime at 6:30 pm tired. It didn't help that I had a head cold for the first couple months of pregnancy either. I regained energy during months 4-7.

Morning Sickness- Never got sick, but I was very nauseous during months 2-3.5.

Heightened Sense of Smell- Yes.

Food Cravings- SUGAR. Anything sweet. I couldn't resist dessert any time of the day.

 Mmmm, coffecake.

 Mmmm, chocolate chip banana bread and coffee.

 Mmmm, cookies and strawbeerries.

Food Aversions- Not really. At the beginning when I was nauseous I didn't want to eat much of anything, but nothing specific.

Extra Saliva- Sort of. Months 0-2.

Nasal Congestion- Yes. Months 0-7.

Bloating- Not really.

Aches and Pains- Occasionally. Back and hips mostly. Some side abs.

Thicker/Shinier Hair- Unfortunately, no.

Hunger- I was hungry more often, but couldn't eat as much during one sitting or I felt like I was going to burst.

Nosebleeds- No.

Heartburn- No.

Swollen Hands/Feet- Nothing too noticeable until about month 6. At about 29 weeks my rings went on a chain around my neck and I started to see rings around my ankles from my socks. My feet/ankles were noticeably swollen until about 10 days after delivery.

Leg Cramps- Yes, in the mornings. I woke up once in the middle of the night with a Charlie Horse. Other than that time I just had to be careful not to point my toes when I woke up.

Varicose Veins- None.

Trouble Sleeping- I woke up a lot to either pee or re-position myself, but I never had trouble falling back asleep.

Shortness of Breath- Occasionally. I would sometimes get the sensation of my heart beating fast during months 3-6.

Braxton Hicks Contractions-Nope.

Leaky Boobs- Nope.

Dry, Itchy Skin- Yes, my belly.

Stretch Marks- Yes, on my boobs.

Weight Gain- Yes, 40 lbs.

 15 weeks                                   --->                                    38 weeks
Swollen Gums- No.

Linea Nigra (dark line down the middle of the stomach)- Yes.

 See that pretty line? (The paper was placed over my belly button for a reason. Ugly.)

Gas- Yes, unfortunately.

Constipation- At times from Months 2-5.

Diarrhea- At times from Months 2-5.

Pregnancy Brain- I think I kept myself in order pretty well. I did get what JD called pregnancy hands. I dropped things A LOT during months 2-7.

Weird Dreams- A few.

Overheating- Yes, occasionally. If I was home I could just uncover my belly and it made it better :)

Pelvic Pressure- Nope.

Things that weren't listed but I experienced:
Numbing Sensation: The area right under my chest would get a little numb if I didn't sit up very straight. My doctor thinks it was just my crowded organs pushing up against a nerve. So weird.

Restless Leg Syndrome: This was bad. Every evening during months 2.5-8 my legs would HAVE to move. I would shake or tap them up and down as I watched TV or ate dinner. Going for walks and massages would help, but as soon as I stopped the feeling of needing to move them would start up again.

Tasteful (because ya'll don't need to know too many details about my nether region) birth story coming soon!



Katie said...

How cool that you can track all your symptoms like that! Hey I gave you an award on my bloggy! You should go check it out. :)

Pamela said...

Oh, the memories :) This brought me back haha!
Restless leg syndrome was HORRIBLE. Super-hero smell was horrible. Morning sickness was the bane of my existence. The food cravings were great ;) haha.
I hope mommyhood is treating you well. All of those not-so-fun symptoms were worth it and more, huh! :D